SportMed E-Z Access Training Program - Walk10K



The popular Sun Run In Training program is the way thousands of British Columbians have chosen to prepare for the Vancouver Sun Run 10K in recent years. And now the 13-week SportMed RunWalk curriculum that is at the heart of In Training is available to you as a SportMed E-Z Access resource. Download it on your desktop or laptop. Print it for your fridge or bulletin board. Or for all of you busy people on the go, download it on your BlackBerry, iPhone or other smart phone device. We've designed it to be mobile-friendly. Flip week-to-week with ease. Along with the weekly coaching advice, it's everything you need to know to follow the training program for the entire 13-weeks. Good luck! And go mobile with our E-Z Access resources.

The Walk10K will follow a nice progressive change-of-pace program with leadership accommodating beginner and experienced walkers. Participants should be able to walk comfortably for approximately 30 minutes before joining the program.