RunWalk10k: Clinic Coordinators & Run Leaders

RunWalk10k: Clinic Coordinators & Run Leaders

SportMedBC’s Clinic Coordinators share their knowledge in the areas of health, fitness, organization, and leadership, and is trained by SportMedBC to help clinic participants achieve their fitness goals.

Our Clinic Coordniators & Run Leaders, ensures the quality and consistency of the RunWalk10k program is being delivered through SportMedBC standards.


Hello Running Enthisisasts!

SportMedBC is seeking mature, active, and enthusiastic individuals to be RunWalk10k Clinic Cooordinators & Volunteer Run Leaders!


RunWalk10k is a gradual 13-week program that provides expert advice, guidance, and companionship on that road to improve health & fitness. The program meets the need and intrest of all exercisers, from the walker and first-time jogger to the experiance runners wanting to improve their running time. If you are an experianced runner/walker who has a keen intrest towards phyiscal fitness, having a great motivation, and organizational skills. 


Clinic Coordinators:supervise the implementation of the WalkRun10k program. You'll lead the weekly education session, provide leadership to the volunteer leaders, and liaise on a regular basis with the Host Centre's Programmer & SportMedBC. As the program's frontline person, you'll ensure the overall delivery and consistency of the RunWalk10k program.


Interested in applying as a NEW Clinic Coordinator position? Please fill out the Clinic Coordinator Application Form HERE 

RETURNING Clinic Coordinator Registration for 2022 InTraining:RunWalk10k HERE  


Volunteer Run Leaders: will be available each week to assist the Clinic Coordinator to motivate and share thier passion with our participants. The running leaders have experience in running and walking and is expected to complete SportMedBC leaders training.

  • Experience running as part of a group/club and have a good understanding of aspects and stages included in a 10K training program
  • A good understanding of basic running mechanics
  • Is comfortable leading and encouraging a group of participants through prescribed run sessions
  • Completed a 10K event, preferably more than once.
  • Time to commit to 13-weeks with the InTraining program, average 1.5hrs /week.

Interested in applying as a Run Leader? Please fill out the Run Leader Application form HERE


If you have any questions, please forward you inquiry to

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