SportMed HealthBeat is a fun and easy way for participants to learn about personal risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, and how to help lower their risk for cardiovascular diseases. Participants are tested before the start of their Aboriginal Healthy Living Activities program and again 13 weeks later after the training is complete. These BEFORE and AFTER screenings will identify health improvements as a result of the program and living a healthier lifestyle.

***Please note that effective July 1, 2019 SportMedBC will no longer oversee the delivery of the Aboriginal RunWalk and HealBeat programs. Beginning in 2020 these programs will fall under Aboriginal Healthy Living Activities banner delivered by ISPARC. For more information please visit their website

Who is eligible for SportMed HealthBeat?
To be eligible for SportMed HealthBeat you must be a part of either the Aboriginal RunWalk, Honour Your Health Challenge or FitNation programs. Group leaders are responsible for organizing a health screening in their community, which includes working with HealthBeat staff, booking a location and recruiting participants.

What does the screening involve?  
  • Family and personal health history
  • Blood pressure, healthy body weight & grip strength
  • Cholesterol & glucose screening
  • 6-min aerobic fitness station
  • Results review and goal setting
Why is screening important?
With the help of researchers from the University of British Columbia (Dr. Darren Warburton and his team at the Cardiovascular Physiology and Rehabilitation Laboratory) it was established that participants in the 13-week RunWalk training program underwent significant reductions in cardiovascular risk, and showed significant improvements in exercise participation rates, blood pressure, body mass index and waist girth measurement, all independent risk factors for cardiovascular disease.


New HealthBeat Community Training Program


HealthBeat is now offering training sessions to community leaders and local health practitioners to learn how to conduct a health screening independently. Resources, training and supplies will be provided. Please contact ISPARC for more information.



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As of March 11, 2022:

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As of April 8, 2022, proof of vaccine will no longer be required.

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