The Athlete's Training Journal


As a sport psychologist it has been my experience that the most successful athletes keep a written account of their daily life. A journal is an effective way to analyze your training, help you plan your development and maintain accountability as an athlete. 

Dr. David Cox, PhD
Sport Psychologist, Simon Fraser University

Successful athletes almost always have one thing in common—they systematically set goals and document their progress. SportmedBC’s Athlete's Training Journal provides a clear and concise method for doing this, and thirteen weeks of diary pages to work with. 

The pages are organized in a simple and straight forward manner that should take only 5–10 minutes a day to complete and slightly longer at the end of each week in review. Each page provides space to identify and track physical, mental and technical/tactical goals while factoring in other important aspects of training such as nutrition and recovery. 

The Athlete's Training Journal effectively promotes accountability, helps athletes set and meet challenging goals, and stay motivated so that they are ready to compete at the best of their ability.

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