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SportMedBC's office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm PT. We make every attempt to respond to your inquiries within one business day. Please feel free to use our main line for general enquiries, or contact one of our staff in a specific program area directly.


Mailing Address:

#3 1225 East Keith Road
North Vancouver, BC  V7J 1J3


General Enquiries: 604.294.3050
SportMed InTraining: 604.294.3050 - ext. 107
SportMed Safety: 604.294.3050 - ext. 101

Toll Free: 1.888.755.3375

Fax: 604.294.3020


Contact SportMedBC

Janette Shearer
Online Communications Manager
Phone: 604-294-3050 ext 103
Kathy Shahbaz
Coordinator, SportMed Safety & Event Services
Phone: 604.294.3050 - ext. 101
Kristina Niketas
Coordinator, SportMed InTraining Programs
Philippe Saucier
Manager, SportMed Safety & Event Services
Phone: 604.294.3050 - ext. 104
Robert Joncas
Executive Director
Phone: 604.294.3050 - ext. 102