Concussion Workshop for Judo BC

On Saturday, June 16th in Richmond, SportMedBC’s Safety Coordinator Seb Hartell delivered a judo specific concussion workshop to the members of Judo BC at their Annual General Meeting.

The concussion workshop consisted of a two-hour session that helped define concussions, addressing how they occur and detailing the signs and symptoms associated and how to properly manage the head injury. The workshop was very well received by Judo BC members. The in-person experience helped ensure proper comprehension of the material, offering those in attendance the opportunity to ask questions while receiving immediate answers.  

“Your presentation on concussion management was exactly what our organization needed. As you can tell by the questions during and following your segment, our members appreciated the updated content and recommended tools. We truly appreciate it.” 

– Judo BC Executive Director, Diane St-Denis

SportMedBC offers general concussion education workshops along with other sport-specific courses, first aid and taping workshops. 

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