Camosun Athletic & Exercise Therapy Clinic


4371 Interurban Rd PISE Building - Suite 204
V9E2C5 Victoria , BC
British Columbia CA
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The Athletic and Exercise Therapy (AET) Clinic is an extension of the Center for Sport and Excercise Education at Camosun College, offering both a state of the art applied learning environment for Camosun students, and exemplary services to its clientele. The clinic is open to Camosun students, employees and the general public.

The AET Clinic currently offers fee-per-service appointments including, immediate care, reconditioning of musculoskeletal injuries, and health assessment associated with the prevention and management of chronic disease.

Our services may be covered by your third-party insurance provider. Check with your insurance provider for further information.


Athletic Therapy


Initial assessments and follow-up visits, regarding both musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. This service uses contemporary rehabilitative techniques in preparing the individual for safe reintegration into an active lifestyle and fosters an attitude of positive health.

Exercise Therapy

Focuses on fitness and health risk factors associated with onset and management of chronic disease, and with sustainability and/or recovery of functional independence.

Stabilizing Orthotics

Assessment, provision and fitting of stabilizing orthotics, including Dynamic, Static and Postural Scans.

Laser Therapy

Initial assessment and follow-up visits regarding musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. This is a non-invasive tool utilized by our Certified Athletic Therapists to reduce pain and inflammation at the site of injury. This highly specialized form of therapy is proven to aid the overall healing process and often, provide you with a faster recovery time.