Brian Farrance Orthotics


1310 - 5th Ave
V2L 3L4 Prince George , BC
British Columbia CA
Phone Number: 
(250) 564-0181
Fax Number: 
(250) 564-0063

Brian Farrance Orthotics has been operating in Prince George since 1992. We have built a solid reputation for only building orthotics for patients when they are truly required. When you come to see us, we assess whether orthotics are required, or if using less expensive inserts or different footwear are all that is needed to get you feeling better. If orthotics are required, you will receive custom-fit orthotics created to address a specific injury or biochemical fault. We know they are what you need because we build them ourselves, but..."If you don't need them, we won't build them!"

Brian Farrance Orthotics currently has two Canadian certified pedorthists on staff so that you can get in to see us sooner, and get back on your feet faster! Our certified pedorthists are very hands-on. They not only assess patients, but build prescribed orthotics in our Prince George orthotics lab. We do not outsource any portion of your care.