Checking out North Delta

Our final few favourite runs from Sun Run InTraining Leaders.

Shelley Donald is a Clinic Coordinator in North Delta. 

“I have been active my entire life (thank you mom and dad)! I have always enjoyed exercise of any kind; whether it be playing on a team or participating in an activity on my own. I have been a Sun Run InTraining Clinic Coordinator and Leader for nine years. I thoroughly enjoy leading groups and making a difference in people’s lives. I have also been a group fitness instructor for 21 years, so my desire to motivate, encourage and help people feel physically and mentally better has always been there.

I love running through my quiet neighbourhood in North Delta. There are plenty of outgoing people who walk and run with their dogs. And I can’t forget about Burns Bog and the Delta water shed – the soft terrain and beautiful scenery is terrific. You can run or walk as long and far as you like, as the Bog will take you all the way to Mud Bay.  

My reward after that run or long walk is how great I feel afterwards! And sometimes, I’ll also reward myself with some new clothes!”

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