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COAST Performance Rehab is a movement focused, multidisciplinary company in North Vancouver and Vancouver that aims to change the way injury rehabilitation is done.

At COAST, our goal is to empower people by improving their movement capabilities so they can perform in life, recreation and athletics. Our team will focus on maximizing each client’s performance through proper manual therapy and exercise-based interventions.

Stephanie Hendy

By day, I am a clinical exercise physiologist & kinesiologist. It means I really, really, like the human body. It also means I provide exercise prescriptions and lifestyle counselling to people with chronic illnesses, the majority of them being cardiovascular and metabolic conditions. I also do rehab from motor vehicle and workplace injuries. Part scientist, part cheerleader.

Kosta Ikonomou

Kosta obtained his BSc (hons) in Physiotherapy from Brunel University London after completing his BSc of Human Kinetics from the University of Fraser Valley. Furthermore, he has completed a MSc in Sports Medicine Exercise & Health from the University College of London.