Vancouver Island - Central Coast

Cara Obee

Cara currently works at Cook St.Village Health Centre providing functional musculo-skeletal assessments, injury rehabilitation, individualized exercise programs and core stabilization workshops. She is very active in the running community and involved in triathlons.

Liza Grant

VANOC 2010 Whistler Therapy Team
IPC Nordic World Cup Mt Washington 2007 & 2009
World BMX Race, Victoria, July 2007
Volunteer World Track Cycling, Victoria, June 1998
BC Lions, Comox Valley Spring Training, June 1998
Snowbird Aerobatic Team, Comox Valley Spring Training, April 1998
BC Winter Games, Comox Valley, Campbell River, N. Vancouver, 1995-7
Port Alberni 2000
Team Chiropractor, Comox Valley Athletic Club Track and Field, 1997-1999
Team Chiropractor, Women’s Soccer Team, 1993 - present

Tyler Goodale

Tyler Goodale is Strength and Conditioning Coach for Canadian Sport Centre Pacific where he works with national team athletes from Rowing Canada, Swimming Canada, Diving Canada and Rugby Canada. A graduate of the University of Manitoba (B.Sc) and the University of Victoria (M.Sc Exercise Physiology), Tyler is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a NCCP certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach.

Stephanie Dempsey

Stephanie Dempsey is a Certified Athletic Therapist and Graduate Student at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.

Her passion is working with the subtleties of the human body, utlizing techniques such as fascial release, soft tissue release, osteoarticular impulse, cranio-sacral techniques, and many more.

Stephanie's experience with military personnel and high level athletes from around the world, in addition to her extensive skill set, facilitate maximum athletic potential.

Jeff Compton

Jeff is presently completing his Masters Thesis at the University of Victoria on the affects of warm-up on skating acceleration. Through CSTS Inc. he operates an athlete development program called EDGE Enhanced Performance Specialists, and H.E.A.T., a sport-specific acceleration program. He is also co-founder of 6th Dimension Devices Inc., creators of the A-Pod Sports Performance System. He has recently co-authored a book on exercise-ball training techniques entitled Ball Bearings.

Frank McDiarmid

* 19 years full time practice.
* Sports injuries fellowship in 1996
and a member if good standing with
the Canadian College of Sports
Sciences (Canada).
* Member of the Canadian Society of
Chiroractic Evaluators.
* My office is in Victoria, B.C. since