Didié Hamel-Jolette

Graduated from Concordia University in 2011. Athletic Therapist and S&C coach with Canadian National Team members of swimming, bobsleigh, taekwondo, trampoline and judo teams, professional athletes performing in UFC and circus and varied recreational athletes. Worked at P2Montreal from 2012 to 2017 and then the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific from 2017 to 2020. I was the lead therapist and S&C coach of the swimming high performance training center in Victoria from 2017 to 2020. 

Cory Cameron

Cory is a Certified Athletic Therapist in Cranbrook and works throughout the East Kootenays.  Cory is the Athletic Consultant with the Kootenay Ice of the WHL, and is currently in his 12th season working in the Western Hockey League.  Cory works extensively with local groups in Concussion Education and Management.  Cory is the Head Athletic Therapist with Hockey Canada's National Men's Sledge Hockey team, and has had extensive experience working with Hockey Canada National Teams and Program of Excellence.

Fri 24th - 5:00 pm to Sat 25th - 8:00 pm
Winter Sports Seminar: In its 6th year, the Winter Sports Seminar is proud to have Dr. Peter Salat, MD, FRCPC (Radiologist) as the keynote speaker in 2017. This six-hour course will expand your understanding of sports and orthopaedic injury to the upper-extremity and spine. Radiographic diagnosis as well as the cutting-edge, evidence-based management of upper extremity and spinal injury will be covered. This course is an knowledge-building adjunct for any individual working in a multi-disciplinary environment. It is well-suited and attended by sports medicine focused MDs, PTs, DCs, NDs, RMTs...