Peter Twist, M.Sc., CSCS Many people reflect to their youth and remember playing several sports and spending their spare time in spontaneous play and pick up games. Today, many youngsters specialize in just one or two sports and spend their remaining time on sedentary activities - television, video games, computers and the web. The unhealthy aspects of this trend are further compounded when you factor in the startling growth of fast food chains and the many "quick-fix" food choices that are aggressively marketed to youth. The cumulative result is a generation of kids who are less...

ViaSport Step3

Step 3 of B.C.’s Restart plan is currently in effect. Read Proof of Vaccination requirements regarding access to some events, services and businesses as of September 13, for the most current information.

Interior Health and Northern Health regions are subject to the additional measures detailed on the B.C. government's province-wide restrictions pageInterior Health's news page, and Northern Health news pageContinue to work with your Provincial Sport Organization for current and sport-specific information.