Hi Gang: CONGRATULATIONS on deciding to follow SportMedBC’s InTraining program and prepare to walk or run the Vancouver Sun Run ! It’s a much better idea than simply deciding to jump into the event at the last minute as so many thousands of people do- I’m super passionate about walking and running - I stood on that starting line myself as an elite runner *25 years ago, and these days, with all the chaos life has to offer, I can tell you that I’ve never enjoyed my own running more. A walk or a jog in the fresh air brings a balance into my day and I truly look forward to helping you enjoy this...
Dr Jim Bovard , member of SportMedBC's Board of Directors and Medical Manager of Primary Care/ER for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games, is a longtime runner and will be one of the "Experts" Sun Run participants can ask advice of by visiting here . Here is Jim's latest blog entry: With the start of the new year many of you have made training for and participating in the Vancouver Sun Run your new year’s resolution. Congratulations! Great idea! For some this is an annual event but for others this is the first time and everything is new. I have been running for 32 years. I did my...
Dana Lis , RD, SportMed BC Sport Dietitian weighs on the best way to properly fuel your body - whether you are a first time run/walker or wily veteran . Dana writes... Whether your goal is to complete the Sun Run walking or to run a sub 40-minute 10K; what you fuel your body with can make or break your success. You may have some of the following nutritional questions: weight loss, energy intake, fuelling pre, during and post training, hydration and making healthy food choices when eating out. Let’s kick off this nutrition segment with choosing good convenience foods before training! Paying...


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As of March 11, 2022:

  • Masks are no longer required.
    • Individual businesses and event organizers can choose to continue requiring masks on their premises.
    • Reminder to the sport community to be respectful of people's differing comfort levels and that as we transition into this period, people may still choose to wear their mask.

As of April 8, 2022, proof of vaccine will no longer be required.

  • Individual businesses and event organizers can choose to continue requiring proof of vaccination for entry.
  • Additional guidance may be in place. See the Province of B.C.'s provincial restrictions page for more information.