Sport Medicine

Clinical Sports Medicine

Peter Brukner, Karim Khan
Clinical Sports Medicine is a complete practical guide book to musculoskeletal medicine and physical therapy, covering all aspects of diagnosis and management of sports-related injuries and physical activity. With over 1000 full color pages and a free patient information CD, Clinical Sports Medicine adopts an easy-to-use, symptom-oriented approach and describes multidisciplinary methods of treatment It is a vital reference for all clinicians in musculoskeletal health including physiotherapists, masseurs, general practitioners, personal trainers, athletic trainers, and orthopedic surgeons. It...

Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury

William Whiting and Ronald Zernicke
In the first book of its kind, noted biomechanists William Whiting and Ronald Zernicke explore the mechanical bases of musculoskeletal injury to better understand causal mechanisms, the effect of injury on musculoskeletal tissues, and how our current knowledge of biomechanics can contribute to injury prevention. Explores the mechanical bases of musculoskeletal injury, effect of injury on musculoskeletal tissues, and how our current knowledge can prevention injury. Includes halftone drawings, photographs, and tables. For practitioners and undergraduate students.

Essentials of Sports Medicine

Robert E. Sallis, MD, Ferdy Massimino, MD, MPH
This publication discusses the fundamentals of primary care sports medicine, consistent with the subject matter covered in the CAQ. Presents the basic science of sports medicine, medical problems of athletes, sport-specific problems, and anatomical skeletal problems of athletes — all in outline format allowing for rapid review of material.

Sports Medicine: Prevention, Evaluation, Management and Rehabilitation

Richard Irvin, Emeritus, Oregon State University; Duane Iversen, University of Oregon; Steven Roy, MD., Centre for Sports Medicine and Running Injuries.
Coverage of the advances made in the science of athletic training in recent years, with excellent reference sources provided for advanced study. Coverage of the pre-season physical examination, criteria to help in the evaluation of an injury, therapeutic modalities, and guidelines to allow the athlete to participate after an injury. The inclusion of specific athletic injuries with anatomical and kinesiological considerations, followed by a discussion of prevention, an evaluation of each of the injuries, and a section on management and rehabilitation. A special section on nutrition as it...