Running and Walking

The Beginning Runner's Handbook

The Sport Medicine Council, and Ian MacNeill
Since it was first published in 1999, The Beginning Runner’s Handbook has sold more than 90,000 copies, helping participants at community clinics across Canada - and thousands more runners around the world - realize their goal of running 10K. This easy-to-use, practical guide is completely updated in this fourth edition. It now includes a revised RunWalk program that gives runners a choice between running 10K or running and walking the distance, depending on their individual goals and fitness. Tried and tested by thousands of new and experienced runners, the thirteen-week program was...

Marathon and Half-Marathon: The Beginner's Guide

Marnie Caron, and SportMedBC
A practical, easy-to-use guide that provides a step-by-step program for running the half or the full marathon for the first time. Building on the success of the popular Beginning Runner's Handbook, Marathon and Half Marathon shows you how to get motivated and set realistic goals, choose the proper shoes, eat right, build strength and endurance, and avoid sore muscles and injury. It also includes tips from elite runners on such subjects as motivation, consistency, log books, and running partners. Finally, the book describes strategies for how to change from a sedentary person to a runner,...

Walking for Fitness: The Beginner's Guide

Marnie Caron and SportMedBC
The average adult walks 4,500 steps a day‚less than half of what is required for optimal health. Walk your way to good health with this comprehensive guide by the authors of the best-selling and highly acclaimed Beginning Runner's Handbook. For most of us, walking is the single most beneficial, low-impact, all-purpose physical activity. Walking for Fitness: The Beginner's Guide makes increasing the amount you walk both easy and painless. Whether your goal is to return to activity, reduce your risk of illness and injury, participate in a charity walk, prepare for a walking...