Simply Great Food

Patricia Chuey, MSc, RD, Eileen Campbell and Mary Sue Waisman, MSc, RD
Everyone wants healthy, delicious, home-cooked meals. But faced with the demands of a busy day it's hard to resist the convenience of takeout or commercially prepared foods. The Dietitians of Canada would really like us to return to the simple pleasures of cooking and to the gathering of family around the table. Their new cookbook, Simply Great Food will help us to achieve this goal by providing recipes for irresistible and easy-to-prepare dishes. The recipes in Simply Great Food have been contributed by Eileen Campbell an award winning chef as well as dietitians and people from across Canada...


Audrey Alsterberg & Wanda Urbanowicz
The Rebar Modern Food Cookbook offers something for everyone, strict vegans, vegetarians (full and part-time) and anyone looking for delicious ideas with a fresh and funky twist. Rebar, the building material, gives support and strength to structures, just as tasty, nutritious food provides valuable support for the body and mind.

Cooking Vegetarian

Melina and Forest
Cooking Vegetarian has been described as 'the ultimate guide to delicious vegetarian cooking'. Melina and Forest have combined their skills as a registered dietitian and chef to create innovative recipes that deliver complete vegetarian nutrition with fabulous flavor. Cooking Vegetarian features more than 150 recipes from breakfast to special occasions.

Eating for Energy without Deprivation: The 80-20 Cookbook

Patricia Chuey, M.Sc.RD and Diana Steele, B.Sc.RD
This book offers practical tips for healthy eating. Additionally, this user-friendly cookbook provides over 100 delicious and easy recipes. In keeping with the 80-20 philosophy that suggests if you eat well at least 80% of the time, you always leave room for pleasurable indulgence, 80% of these recipes are bursting with vitality and nourishment. The remaining 20%, mostly desserts, are all about indulgence.

Eating Light, Eating Right

Ratner and Johnson, Healthy Heart Program
Ratner and Johnson, both dietitians, created this cookbook to help us eat well around the clock. From breakfasts and lunches to dinners and snacks. The book starts with a brief look at the importance of a heart healthy diet, guidelines for healthy eating, a look at fats and how to balance healthy eating. Appetizers include creative dishes such as Chickpea Black Bean Hummus and a Bean Brochette. Soups are next up with Salmon Chowder, Miso Vegetable Soup and many others to choose from. Other sections are Vegetables, Brunches and Light Meals, Pasta and Grains, Main Courses, Baked Goods and...

Lighthearted Everyday Cooking

Anne Lindsay
Cooking for good health and good eating has never been so easy. Includes family dinner menus to make in 30 minutes, nutritional analysis, Canadian Diabetes Assoc. food choice values and colour illustrations. Many topics are covered in this informative volume, such as our ideal weight, grocery shopping, food labeling, fats, cholesterol, salts, fiber, alcohol and caffeine. She creates heart-healthy menus from the included recipes, adapted to a variety of situations ‚receptions, buffets, meals-on-the-go, cooking for one, etc. Cooking for good health and good eating has never been so easy...

Cook Great Food

Dietitians of Canada
Cook Great Food is the perfect book for the everyday cook, the once-in-a-while cook and for everyone interested in great tasting food and healthy eating. It will also serve as a great reference for those interested in nutrition. Creating healthy and delicious home-cooked meals is always a challenge. All of us have the best of intentions, yet how do you ensure that the lunch or dinner you have prepared not only tastes wonderful, but is also nutritionally sound?