Canada Moves Coast to Coast on Global Run Day

Share your love of running to connect and support our wonderful, strong and caring Canadian community, as we fundraise to support mental health. Registration on Race Roster is FREE but there will be an option to donate to support mental health if you’d like.
On June 3rd, let’s all move across this country as many times as we can and show the world on Global Running Day how special our country is!
We're all in this together, so let's remember what it's like to run together… apart.
When: Wednesday, June 3rd – 12pm in your timezone on your favourite race FB pages.
Where: Anywhere and wherever you are! Please remember to run with people from your household and follow all rules and regulations put in place by municipal, provincial and federal governments and public health agencies.
What: We want to bring the Canadianrunning community together to celebrate movement by running, jogging, walking, wheeling, and being active.
Why: On Global Run Day, we invite you to join us for a Facebook Live Relay across Canada hosted by Road Races from coast to coast. We are calling on Canadians to move, celebrate our sport and be active in support of mental health.

SportMedBC RunWalk Coach Lynn Kanuka shares why you should join the Global Running Relay.


Starting in Atlantic Canada, tune in to watch a digital relay experience on Facebook Live showing why we love to move. Each province will have athletes, run crews and race directors featured on Facebook Live talking about what running and being active means to them, and what’s special about it in their part of Canada.

After you’re finished, you can upload your name and distance to our special page on Race Roster, download you’re souvenir badge, and watch how many kilometres we can cover together. Post your photos of your activity and Share on Facebook, tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #canadamoves.


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