Book Recommendations

Lighthearted Everyday Cooking

Anne Lindsay
Cooking for good health and good eating has never been so easy. Includes family dinner menus to make in 30 minutes, nutritional analysis, Canadian Diabetes Assoc. food choice values and colour illustrations. Many topics are covered in this informative volume, such as our ideal weight, grocery shopping, food labeling, fats, cholesterol, salts, fiber, alcohol and caffeine. She creates heart-healthy menus from the included recipes, adapted to a variety of situations ‚receptions, buffets, meals-on-the-go, cooking for one, etc. Cooking for good health and good eating has never been so easy...


Audrey Alsterberg & Wanda Urbanowicz
The Rebar Modern Food Cookbook offers something for everyone, strict vegans, vegetarians (full and part-time) and anyone looking for delicious ideas with a fresh and funky twist. Rebar, the building material, gives support and strength to structures, just as tasty, nutritious food provides valuable support for the body and mind.

Athletic Taping and Bracing

Perrin, David H.
Completely overhauled and updated, Athletic Taping and Bracing, Second Edition, is a leading text in its field. Like the popular first edition, it continues to integrate the science of anatomy and injury mechanisms with the practice of athletic taping and bracing. The new edition is updated to reflect changes in the National Athletic Trainers‚ Association (NATA) Education Council, "Competencies in Athletic Training" and the fourth edition of the NATA Board of Certification, "Role Delineation Study." Both students and professionals will use this text time and again as a reliable reference...

Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury

William Whiting and Ronald Zernicke
In the first book of its kind, noted biomechanists William Whiting and Ronald Zernicke explore the mechanical bases of musculoskeletal injury to better understand causal mechanisms, the effect of injury on musculoskeletal tissues, and how our current knowledge of biomechanics can contribute to injury prevention. Explores the mechanical bases of musculoskeletal injury, effect of injury on musculoskeletal tissues, and how our current knowledge can prevention injury. Includes halftone drawings, photographs, and tables. For practitioners and undergraduate students.

Essentials of Athletic Training Hardcover Version with Dynamic Human 2.0 CD-ROM

Daniel D. Arnheim, William E. Prentice
Focusing on basic principles in the care and prevention of athletic injuries, this text was developed especially for introductory courses in coaching, physical education, and athletic training. The fifth edition of Essentials of Athletic Training is packaged with the Dynamic Human 2.0 CD-ROM. This CD-ROM is an excellent reference that reinforces the anatomy presented in the text through the use of full color graphics and animation. This new edition continues to highlight essential information needed by students pursuing teaching and coaching careers.

Essentials of Sports Medicine

Robert E. Sallis, MD, Ferdy Massimino, MD, MPH
This publication discusses the fundamentals of primary care sports medicine, consistent with the subject matter covered in the CAQ. Presents the basic science of sports medicine, medical problems of athletes, sport-specific problems, and anatomical skeletal problems of athletes — all in outline format allowing for rapid review of material.

Lower Extremity & Spine in Sports Medicine

James A. Nicholas (Editor), Elliott B. Hershman, Nicholas M James a, Elliott B. Hershman M. D. (Contributor)
Lenox Hill Hospital. New edition of a two-volume reference for sports physicians and orthopedists. Companion to the author's Brandon/Hill selection, The Upper Extremity in Sports Medicine. Previous edition 1986. 124 contributors, 122 U.S. Illustrated.

Cook Great Food

Dietitians of Canada
Cook Great Food is the perfect book for the everyday cook, the once-in-a-while cook and for everyone interested in great tasting food and healthy eating. It will also serve as a great reference for those interested in nutrition. Creating healthy and delicious home-cooked meals is always a challenge. All of us have the best of intentions, yet how do you ensure that the lunch or dinner you have prepared not only tastes wonderful, but is also nutritionally sound?