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A Mentor is a leader who builds trust in modeling positive behaviors. 

Are you a keen cyclist who likes to help others to go the distance and reach their goals? Do you want to build your client experience and lead a group of new and seasoned cyclists? SportMedBC’s InTraining program would love to hear from you! We are currently looking for Ride Mentors in various clinics around the lower mainland.  

SportMedBC (SMBC) is currently gearing up for our CycleFondo, InTraining Program and we’re actively looking for avid cyclists who’d be keen to share their passion with our participants. If you are into working out and living a healthy way of life, and would like to help others do the same, consider joining SportMedBC Clinic Mentor team. 

SportMedBC is actively looking for positive people who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, interacting with others in a positive way, and wants to make a difference every day. With clinic locations across British Columbia, every position at SMBC comes with numerous opportunities for advancement.  


As the Ride Mentor you will obtain the coach role and oversees several key responsibilities to ensure the overall quality of the 10ktoHalf-Marathon clinic is being delivered to SportMedBC standards. SMBC Ride Mentors will be assigned to a designated clinic (of their choice) for 10 weeks.  

This position is responsible for operating under Via Sport, Return to Sport guidelines and SportMedBC bylaws, policies, and protocols; and must have knowledge/experience in the areas of must have knowledge in the areas of health, fitness, wellness, organization, leadership. 


  • Uphold the Mission, Vision, Values, and help build the “Best Lifestyle” culture at SportMedBC. 
  • Maintain the highest standard of personal conduct in all activities associated with the SMBC InTraining Program and refrain from any harassment, discrimination or other unlawful conduct and treat all mentors, volunteers, and participants with the utmost respect in all aspects associated with the InTraining Program. 
  • Prepare and plan every week’s session; warm-up/cool-down, route selection, training program review with participants, relay coaching tips and the focus for the session.  
  • Responsible for recruiting a team of volunteer leaders & record participants & leaders’ weekly attendance. 
  • Attend all mandatory SMBC training sessions & be present at your designated clinic. 
  • Consistently exercising several times per week in the lead up to the CycleFondo clinic.  
  • Oversee the “quality & safety control” and consistency of the CycleFondo clinics being delivered to SMBC standards. 
  • Make sure everyone follows SMBC’s COVID guidelines. 
  • Lead, supervise, and implement the weekly CycleFondo education session; provide leadership to the volunteer leaders. 
  • Become the liaise with SportMedBC and the Host Center. 
  • Maintain in regular correspondence with your Volunteer Run Leaders. Prior to the start of the program, inform of any travel plans or other events that may impede the ability to meet SMBC attendance requirement to SportMedBC. 
  • Required to have regular access to a computer and/or telephone at least once per week to receive pertinent coaching advice and resources.  
  • Check SMBC InTraining Weekly Newsletters to reiterate any news and information to participants. 
  • Fill out Feedback Form at the end of clinic, return clinic supplies. 


  • Successful completion of a Criminal Record Check; As a not-for-profit multi-sport organization that receives funding from the provincial government; SportMedBC is required to appropriately screen program in accordance with the Criminal Records Review Act and Sport Safe. 
  • Attend 8 of 10 clinic sessions; If this expectation cannot be met by the Mentor, SMBC has the right to withhold the mentor’s garment, sponsor product, etc. Exception may be given in unforeseen circumstances, and with approval from SportMedBC InTraining Program Coordinator. Time to commit to 12-weeks with the InTraining program, average 1.5hrs /week. 
  • Successful completion of SportMedBC’s Health Questionnaire; expected to be free from injury to maximize the attention they can pay to the clinic participants. 
  • Entry level of practical coaching/mentoring experience. 
  • More than 1–3 years of experience completing a 122km distant event and/or the SMBC CycleFondo InTraining Program. 
  • Consistently exercising several times per week in the lead up to the CycleFondo clinic.  
  • Enthusiastic personality with a positive attitude is essential to ensure all participants enjoy their InTraining experience, and that they stay motivated.  
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills. Is comfortable leading and encouraging a group of participants through prescribed run sessions. 
  • Ability to follow instructions and work well in a variety size of groups; be open to a wide variety of participants including those who may be faster or slower. Try your best to mingle between all group participants; avoid training with the same participant(s) each week. 
  • Experience running as part of a group/club and have a good understanding of aspects and stages included basic running mechanics. 


  • SMBC InTraining Honorarium. 
  • Receive Exclusive Training & Educational, Resources, and Webinars Hosted by Sport Medicine Professionals. 
  • Promotional Discount Codes, and Giveaways through SMBC Partners & Sponsors. 
  • Access to SMBC InTraining Logbook & Manual. 
  • Obtain SportMedSafety: Sports First Aid Certificate. 
  • Full access to Perkopolis – Perkopolis is an exclusive managed discount, reward and benefits programs backed by personal concierge service which will grant you access to exclusive entertainment and lifestyle discounts, gift card rewards, enhanced insurance benefits and other value-added perks. Perkopolis is Canada’s leading provider of fully managed perk programs

Please note by submitting an application, a position is not guaranteed. We will contact the qualified applicants directly.

Criminal Record Check/Police Information Check – HERE

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