Athlete’s Training Journal; The Benefits of using one by Dr. David Cox in Impact Magazine

Whether you’re an athlete or not, using an athlete’s training journal can help you reach your goals. In his informative article in Impact Magazine, “Reasons to Keep a Training Journal,” renowned sports psychologist Dr. David Cox emphasizes the importance of this tool. For anyone active in Sport, by using a training journal, you can identify areas for improvement, track progress, set specific goals, monitor recovery, and the best part, stay accountable to your training program.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Dr. Cox notes in the article in Impact Magazine that your training journal is a space for personal reflection and self-talk, “A journal can be used in a highly personalized manner that reflects an important form of “self-talk.” Personal thoughts and feelings can be shared in a manner that is rarely seen when sharing with other people. Out of this, a profile of what prepares us to perform mentally, technically, and physically can be developed.”

“What else should be considering when using an Athlete’s Training Journal?”

Furthermore, in addition to “self-talk” one of the many important factors that Dr. Cox outlines in this article is how to organize your journaling around your training cycles and the benefits in doing so. “You may want to organize your journal around training cycles or training periods such as pre-season or off-season, or into blocks such as four 13-week blocks for the year.”

For many people of all skill levels, being able to compare past performance to current performance allows us to see how far we have come and gain further confidence in our abilities. Sometimes that newfound confidence can be exactly what we need to achieve our next goal whether it be a personal best or simply the act of completing a program we signed up for.

This article by Dr Cox in Impact Magazine is a wealth of information packed with incredible takeaways for athletes of all levels, even those who don’t consider themselves an athlete. Don’t believe us? Head over to the article and read it yourself and learn what 3 types of goals athletes should set.

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If you’re unsure of where to start, consider picking up a copy of the SportMedBC’s “The Athlete’s Training Journal”, which has been recently updated and locally printed with Dr. Cox’s assistance. With sections for recording daily workouts, tracking injuries and recovery, setting goals, and monitoring progress, this comprehensive journal is a valuable tool for athletes of all levels.

The latest version of the journal has been updated with a new foreword from Dr. Cox, additional note pages, and a monthly calendar at the beginning of each 4-week cycle, making it the most all-inclusive  version yet.

Dr. Cox’s involvement in the creation of the Athlete’s Training Journal underscores the importance of using this tool to achieve your full potential. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, the benefits of keeping a training journal are clear. So, what are you waiting for?

Get your copy of The Athlete’s Training Journal and start recording your progress today and see the results for yourself.

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