What’s Causing all my Gas and Bloating?

Are you always feeling bloated no matter what you eat? Before avoiding an extensive list of the foods you love, consider these factors that may be causing your symptoms. 

Constipation – Is your bloating relieved with bowel movement? If so, then constipation is your culprit. You can prevent it by keeping hydrated throughout the day and increasing your fibre intake. 

You Ate Too Much – Eating to the point of feeling stuffed may give you the impression that you are bloated. The increased abdomen distention may not be related to gas at all, and is simply a result of overeating. Try to eat small frequent meals in the day to avoid overeating.

You Swallow Too Much Air – Swallowed air causes 90% of gas in the digestive system. Eating too fast or chewing gum, can increase your chances of swallowing more air. Instead, try to chew your food more slowly, and reduce the consumption of chewing-gum & carbonated beverages. 

Intolerance to Certain Carbohydrates – Undigested carbohydrates from certain foods like fruit, beans, vegetables and grains, or foods with sugar alcohols can cause gas. Bacteria in our gut will feed on these undigested carbs and produce gas as a byproduct. While this is a normal part of digestion, individuals with a sensitive gut will have increased gas and bloating as a result.

You have Celiac Disease – Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects the digestive system’s ability to break down the protein “gluten” – commonly found in baked goods, packaged foods, and certain grains like wheat, barley and rye. It may go undiagnosed, as symptoms can range from migraines and fatigue to diarrhea or constipation, as well as gas and bloating. 

If gas and bloating start affecting your quality of life, seek advice from a Registered Dietitian or your family doctor.

Melissa Kazan MSc., RD
Dip. Sport Nutrition IOC, ISAK L1
Registered Dietitian & Sport Nutritionist

Melissa Kazan is a Registered Dietitian and Sport Nutritionist specializing in nutrition for health, well-being and sports performance. Melissa understands today's challenges to eating well, and works with her clients to set realistic health & sport performance goals. For more information on Melissa, and her services, click here