Welcome To the 2023 FondoClinics

As we get ready for the kickoff party at Mercedes Benz on Monday June 12, we wanted to start by welcoming you to the next 12 weeks of your life. My name is Janette Shearer and I’m the Online Communications Manager aka Newsletter Extraordinaire! Every Friday at 3pm the FondoClinics Resource Page will be updated with these weekly password-protected articles and training program that are curated specifically for you. Be sure to bookmark the resource page and write down that password.

In this welcome post, I wanted to take a quick moment to say Hello and pass along some important information about your upcoming training program before your big day! For any repeat offenders in these FondoClinics, please keep in mind, while the topics discussed may seem familiar, all content within these posts have been carefully selected for you each and very week.

I hope you’re as excited as I am to see you all embark on this amazing journey of completing the RBC GranFondo. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any suggestion or questions! Now let’s get you ready to ride….

Happy Riding
Janette Shearer
Online Communications Manager & InTraining Support

Wondering where to meet? Please see the map below to find out where to meet on your first day.


Important Dates to Remember

July 22nd and September 4th Prima Fondo– Prima is Italian for “before”, and Red Truck Brewery is Canadian for “party on bahd!”. Come join us at our free Vancouver PrimaFondo events in July and August where we go for a ride and then hang out after with beer, a BBQ and lots of prize giveaways. MORE INFO

August 3 – Cypress Hill Climb – Mulgrave School 6pm-9pm

Bike Safety Checklist

Bike Safety Checklist is a very important part of getting ready! Please see the attached Bike Safety Checklist to take to your local bike shop. The bike shop should perform a safety check on the bike to ensure it is safe and in proper working order. This check should minimize time spent on repairs and optimize riding time. There will be charges for necessary repairs. Download your Safety Checklist below.

Throughout your training program, you will hear the words Zones being mentioned and depending on your own knowledge you might be wondering what these Zones are.

Download the complete Zone appendix below

Some more important information that you might need is our weather policy.