Week 8 RunWalk Newsletter

Common Injuries

 This week we’re discussing the science of exercise as after all sometimes the best medicine is exercise.  As a clinic mentor myself I am often asked questions like “When should I see someone about that pain?”

Follow along as we discuss common injuries but please keep in mind that you don’t want to be making big adjustments to your running technique late in the game ie: week 8 of 13.

Last week, we announced that Kristina Niketas, InTraining Coordinator, is no longer with SportMedBC to all the Mentors/Leaders and now, we are sharing this news with you. What does this mean for you as participants? Nothing really, as I’ve stepped in as the Interim InTraining Coordinator in addition to my role of Online Communications Manager.

I’ve been involved with SportMedBC particularly with the RunWalk program since 2017, first as participant, then mentor and as of 2021 an employee so my dedication to the organization, the participants and the program remains unwavering. In other words, nothing to worry about, I got you!

Happy Running!
Janette Shearer
Online Communications Manger + Interim InTraining Coordinator

The 8 most common running injuries and why they happen…
Knowing the causes and symptoms of these common problems will help you prevent them from derailing your training plan.

If you run consistently for long enough, there’s a good chance you’ll experience a running-related injury, and there’s also a good chance it’ll be one of these eight common problems. Whether it’s in your knees, legs, hips or feet, running injuries can be frustrating to deal with.

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Did you know that the SportMedBC has a directory of over 800+ practitioners and over 500+ clinics that have been verified by SportMedBC?

How long should you wait before seeking professional help for a running injury?

The first consideration is the duration of the pain, says Dr Jim Bovard:

  • If pain occurs during a workout and lasts until the next day, take a few days off until it settles down. Resume running at a slightly lower level than before, building back up, he advises.
  • If pain persists for more than 4-5 days, see a health care professional, such as a family doctor or physiotherapist, with sports medicine expertise (See the SportMed Directory of Practitioners).

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March 14th 7PM via Zoom. *NEW DATE* Muscles In Motion Guest Speaker (Tilman von der Linde) p.2 – stretches and self-massage techniques specifically designed for the KNEE & UPPER LEG.  RSVP Link

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March 24th 6PM via Zoom Discover the secrets of managing common injuries as Marc Rizzardo, Chiropractor and Board Member of SportMedBC dives into details and shares insights on effective treatment strategies of most common injuries. RSVP LINK

March 26 7PM via Zoom Join Michaela Khan, a dedicated PhD candidate at UBC on an exciting journey as she explains her current research, unraveling the secrets behind the “best” running technique. Michaela’s passion for understanding the science of running extends beyond the classroom, as she serves as a RunWalk Mentor at Le Physique clinic, providing practical guidance and support to those navigating their fitness journey. RSVP LINK

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