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Can you believe we’re already halfway through our program?? Wherever you are in your progress, remember that it is just that, yours! If you have kept up with the program and done your homework runs, I know you can handle the distance. Your goal is to find your personal pace that will allow you to comfortably and easily complete a 5km run.

Back to the newsletter, week 7 is all about motivation, so we’re going to talk about setting goals, returning to activity after injuries and how to track your progress.

Final words of motivation…don’t give up now, your hard work has already started to pay off.

Don’t forget to RSVP for this weekend’s 5KM at Deer Lake, start time is 8:30am. RSVP Link

Happy Running!
Janette Shearer
Online Communications Manager

Last week we had the incredible opportunity to learn self-massage techniques from the incredible Tilman von der Linde and we just had to record it for anyone who missed it! This is part one of the three part series, stay tuned for the part two with a focus on KNEE and UPPER LEG

Halfway through your running program, you’ve already shown remarkable discipline, willpower, and resilience. Running and walking are not just physical activities; they’re tests of your inner strength and ability to push past discomfort. But let’s face it, there are days when motivation wanes. It’s normal. Whether it’s a time crunch, dreary weather, or simply not feeling up to it, those initial steps can seem daunting.

But here’s the secret: once you’re out there, once you’ve conquered that resistance, you’ll feel invincible. Picture the exhilaration of completing your workout, the rush of endorphins, the sense of achievement. Remember, the hardest part is often just getting started. Embrace the challenge, and soon you’ll find yourself grateful for pushing through the resistance.

Keep going, halfway is only the beginning of what you can achieve. You’ve got this!

Full transparency, I made this last year but it’s still so fitting!

Injuries are unavoidable. $HiT happens! Whether it’s your knee, ankle, or hip, you need to follow a systematic return to a running protocol to ensure that you’ve built up the adequate strength to run. Getting back to running after an injury without a plan is like running a marathon without building up your mileage. It puts your body at increased risk of future re-injury! Follow these easy steps and you’ll be back to running in no time! This article will simplify how to get back to running. Continue Reading….


2024 Spring RunWalk 5K FUN RUN at Deer Lake Burnaby – Open to all – March 3rd – RSVP Link

Muscles In Motion Guest Speaker (Tilman von der Linde) p.2 – stretches and self-massage techniques specifically designed for the KNEE & UPPER LEG. March 4th 7PM via Zoom. POSTPONED RSVP Link

The Big 80’s Run by Big Fun Run Series on March 9th –  www.Big80sRun.com – Save $5 with code SMBC5

Muscles In Motion Guest Speaker (Tilman von der Linde) p.3 – stretches and self-massage tricks tailor-made for the HIP & LOWER BACK. March 11th 7PM via Zoom. RSVP Link

The Big Easter Run by Big Fun Run Series on March 30th at Jericho Beach – www.BigEasterRun.com – Save 15% with code LEARNTORUN15

If you miss a session, don’t stress… it happens to all of us once in a while! All you need is a good plan to get you back on schedule. The following are suggestions for returning to your LearnToRun10K program in a safe and comfortable manner. Find the scenario that most closely resembles your situation and follow the suggested guidelines in the document attached for returning to your training. Learn more…

Tracking your progress…

Did you know SportMedBC has an Athlete’s Training Journal with Foreword by Sports Psychologist and Chair of the Board Dr. David Cox. Maybe you don’t consider yourself an athlete but tracking your progress is vital to everyone’s success, not just “athletes” especially if you have goals in mind.

The Athlete’s Training Journal is an effective way to analyze your training, help you plan your development and maintain accountability.  Maybe you have a big training cycle ahead of you, the Athlete’s Training Journal is a great to reflect on what worked and what didn’t at a later date.

You can order from our online store with a 20% discount using coupon code SMBC24Runwalk and/or talk with your Clinic Mentor; if there are enough participants who’d like purchase, we can place a bulk order and arrange to have them brought to your location to avoid shipping costs. Additionally, I might have some with me this weekend at the halfway event for purchase.

Setting goals is an excellent way for runners to stay motivated to run and to make sure they stick to their running habit. When choosing running goals, it helps to use the SMART principle and set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Here are basic rules to follow when you’re setting your running goals. CONTINUE READING

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