Week 7 Fall 2023 RunWalk Newsletter



Can you believe we’re already halfway through our program?? Maybe this feels a little daunting to some while others will sail through the distance. Wherever you are in your progress, remember that it is just that, yours! If you have kept up with the program and done your homework runs, I know you can handle the distance. Your goal is to find your personal pace that will allow you to comfortably and easily complete a 5km run.

Little side note before you get scrolling… Kelowna & Penticton.. we cannot wait to see you this weekend for the 5K Halfway FunRun! RSVP TODAY!

Back to the newsletter, week 7 is all about motivation, so we’re going to talk about setting goals, returning to activity after injuries and how to track your progress.

Final words of motivation…don’t give up now, your hard work has already started to pay off.

Happy Running!
Janette Shearer
Online Communications Manager

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Halloween Photo Contest is on NOW

Lace up your running shoes, put on your most spooktacular running gear, and join our Halloween Photo Contest. Is your location getting in the Halloween spirit and dressing up for your weekly run? Snap a photo of yourself dressed up in your Halloween gear at your weekly InTraining run and email a photo to Kristina at intraining@sportmedbc.com or add them to Social Media tagging @sportmedbc. It doesn’t have to be crazy, maybe you’re just wearing silly glasses or a tutu or a fun shirt like this.

Most importantly….Be creative and have fun! All photos will be added into a draw and the winning photo will be randomly selected to receive a $50 Gift Card. 

Deadline to submit photos: November 4th

Running and walking are activities of discipline, of will power, and of overcoming discomfort, particularly in the initial stages of training. Lack of motivation can happen to the best of us. There will always be days when it is difficult to take those first steps out the door. Perhaps you are pressed for time, or the weather is cold and rainy. Perhaps you just don’t feel like it.

In most cases, try to remember that you’ll almost always feel better once you get started into your workout. Think about how good you will feel after completing your training! Usually, you feel better and are glad that you finally managed to struggle out the door.


2023 Fall RunWalk Sports First Aid & Concussion Management – Use code GYYAKJ85 at checkout to sign up for FREE registration.

2023 Fall RunWalk 5K FUN RUN in Penticton – Open to all – October 22nd

“Running Technique Tips to Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Injury”– October 23rd In-Person at SMBC Office in North Vancouver Taylor Hardy – Myodetox

“Track Performance with Technology You Already have & More.” – October 24th at Langara College – Brent Day

Hill Training in Burnaby at 7168 Ridgeview Dr, Burnaby – November 5th

If you miss a session, don’t stress… it happens to all of us once in a while! All you need is a good plan to get you back on schedule. The following are suggestions for returning to your LearnToRun10K program in a safe and comfortable manner. Find the scenario that most closely resembles your situation and follow the suggested guidelines in the document attached for returning to your training. Learn more…

Tracking your progress…

Did you know SportMedBC has an Athlete’s Training Journal with Foreword by Sports Psychologist and Chair of the Board Dr. David Cox. Maybe you don’t consider yourself an athlete but tracking your progress is vital to everyone’s success.. not just “athletes”.

The Athlete’s Training Journal is an effective way to analyze your training, help you plan your development and maintain accountability.  Maybe you have a big training cycle ahead of you, the Athlete’s Training Journal is a great to reflect on what worked and what didn’t at a later date.

You can order from our online store with a 20% discount and/or talk with your Clinic Mentor; if there are enough participants who’d like purchase, we can place a bulk order and arrange to have them brought to your location to avoid shipping costs.

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