Week 6 Fall 2023 RunWalk Newsletter


We’re entering into a phase in the program where the training will be a little bit more demanding, and the excitement you felt at the beginning may have worn off a smidge. If you sometimes get that tired voice in your head, starting to talk you out of showing up to your sessions, recognize what’s happening and try to remember how great you usually feel afterwards. All you really need to do is to put your shoes on and show up, the rest will follow.

Yes, sessions are getting harder, but remember the bulk of your training should be completed in a nice and easy talking pace. This is a common time for injuries to occur so keep it slow when slow is due, the speed will evolve naturally as your fitness improves. Patience and perseverance are key and forcing fitness will not work!

We’re almost at the half point…. so be sure to join us for the 5K fun run in Penticton on October 22th and a Hill Training event in Burnaby on November 5th.

Happy Running!
Janette Shearer
Online Communications Manager

PS…. Halloween Photo Contest begins NOW

Lace up your running shoes, put on your most spooktacular running gear, and join our Halloween Photo Contest. Snap a photo of yourself dressed up in your Halloween gear at your weekly InTraining run. Email photo to Kristina at intraining@sportmedbc.com or add them to Social Media tagging @sportmedbc . The winning photo will receive a $50 Gift Card. 

Deadline to submit photos: November 4th

Easy to use and inexpensive, foam rolling is one of those secret tools of runners, one that can help you both warm up before a run and cool down after a workout. Designed as a self-massage technique, foam rolling allows you to apply pressure to your muscles and fascia (or the connective tissue that encases your muscles, organs, and more).

If you want to start foam rolling, but aren’t sure how, when, or the best moves to make it happen, use this advice to implement it into your run routine.

PS….PRICE INCREASE ALERT!! Don’t forget to join team SPORTMEDBC and sign up for the Big Elf Run and register before October 9th at 1pm in Stanley Park while you’re at it. Use the 15% discount LEARNTORUN15 when you register! (Code not valid on 1km) Join Team SportMedBC RunWalk below.



2023 Fall RunWalk Sports First Aid & Concussion Management – Use code GYYAKJ85 at checkout to sign up for FREE registration.

2023 Fall RunWalk 5K FUN RUN in Penticton – Open to all – October 22nd

“Running Technique Tips to Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Injury”– October 23rd (In-Person) SMBC Office Taylor Hardy – Myodetox

“Track Performance with Technology You Already have & More.” – October 24th at Langara College – Brent Day

SAVE THE DATE: Hill Training in Burnaby at 7168 Ridgeview Dr, Burnaby – November 5th


After exercising it is important for everyone to replenish the body’s energy stores with food. Replacing glycogen stores can be done through immediately consuming (within 1 hour of finishing exercise) 1-1.2 g of carbohydrate per kg of body weight. Protein stores should also be replaced after exercise because during exercise muscle proteins are broken down. Both endurance and resistance athletes should aim to intake 10-20 grams of lean protein within the first hour of completing intense exercise. It should be noted that eating protein and carbohydrate together immediately after exercising is suggested to be the most beneficial to the athlete’s nutrient replenishment and recovery. An example of this recovery meal could be a large bowl of cereal with banana and low-fat milk.

Learn Self Massage to Run and Feel Better

The road to healthy running isn’t the same for everyone. Some runners are genetically gifted with optimal physiology, while others struggle to put in even a few miles without encountering an injury. Treating and preventing injuries may include a myriad of techniques and therapies, such as stretching, strength work and physical therapy. LEARN MORE

Do you stretch, do you use a foam roller or do you get regular massages? Which one is better or should you do all of them? Have a listen below:


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