Week 3 Fall 2023 RunWalk Newsletter

Proper Warm Up

By now you’ve participated in a good handful of runs (in your group and on your own) and hopefully completed all of your homework runs. You’ve probably even experienced a variety of different types runs, some perhaps easier or more difficult than the last and maybe even forgot to stretch before and/or after those runs.

There is a lot of debate regarding whether we should be stretching before a run or not, some will say that the initial walk warm up is enough. Regardless of whether you have an opinion or not on this topic, we’re going to discuss dynamic stretching by sharing an older video from SportMedBC’s injury prevention and performance initiative SportSmart.

As we’re only 3 weeks in, we’re still in the early stages of this program and your focus should be on finding your own personal rhythm at a comfortable and relaxed pace. Let your “homework” for this week be to check in with your shoulders; are they square, relaxed and with quick arm action? During pace change to faster intervals, consciously drive your arms backwards (they’ll swing forwards naturally), then return to a relaxed shorter swing during the recovery.

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Happy Running!
Janette Shearer
Online Communications Manager


2023 Fall RunWalk Sports First Aid Course

This eight-hour course serves as a combination of Sports First Aid course and Concussion Management workshop together in one day.

Sports First Aid course content:
The first component serves as an introduction to injury prevention and on-site management of sports related injuries. topics covered include recognition and control of potentially hazardous situations, injury assessment and the handling of life-threatening situations, management of common injuries, referral patterns and development of a sports first-aid kit.

Concussion Management workshop:
The second component of the focusses on sharing the latest medical and scientific information about brain injury, sport risk factors, prevention techniques, and concussion management guidelines.

Participants will review the latest assessment tools, protocols and techniques including: the Concussion Assessment Tool, and Return To-Learn and Return to-Sport protocols.

DATE: November 12
LOCATION: Hyde Creek Community Center/Community Room 3 – 1379 Laurier Ave, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 2B9
Regular Price: $160per person. Current Price: FREE

* A certificate of completion will be issued for both Sports First Aid and Concussion Management courses.

* Concussion Management completion is approved for BCRPA, CMTBC and NCCP Continuing Education credits.

SPACE IS LIMITED- Deadline to Register: OCTOBER 12. 2023

Introduction to Strength Endurance Exercises

Strength endurance exercises, or running drills, are a combination of static and dynamic stretches as well as strengthening exercises. Running drills are designed to improve strength and flexibility of the quadricep, hamstring, gluteal and calf muscles, which are the primary muscles used when running and walking. The drills also work the stomach back area improving core muscle strength. 

Increased strength promotes an upright, relaxed posture in the shoulders and arms. Not all muscle groups have the same amount of strength and flexibility. By incorporating these drills into your fitness program, you will improve strength and flexibility in the weaker areas and in turn, become more balanced, coordinated, and improve your overall strength.  Continue Reading

Fall weather is really fun to dress for especially if you have an evening clinic and you’re preparing in the morning for an evening run. Might seem chilly in the morning but by the time noon rolls around the weather has changed and probably will change again by dinner time. Hopefully this image will help you when choosing what to wear or how to layer!

I really liked this article about layering, even if it is for Michigan the basic information applies regardless of where you are and I feel like the same thing about waiting a minute can be said about our weather during the fall…

“You know what they say about Michigan weather: If you don’t like it, just wait a few minutes! It’s true, the weather around here can be pretty darn unpredictable, so running in it definitely takes some layering savvy. Not to worry, though. Just use this guide – complete with questions we hear a lot and answers to each (thanks to one of our assistant store managers, Forrest!) – and you’ll find choosing the right clothes for the conditions will be as easy as 1-2-3!” Continue reading to learn how to layer properly and The 3-Layer System

ARE MY SHOES DEAD? By Phil Moore Owner of LadySport & FitFirst Footwear
One of the most frequently asked questions from fitness instructors and participants is…how long should my shoes last? Obviously this will vary from one person to the next, but there are some general rules of thumb that do apply.
The midsole or material between the upper and the outer sole is generally composed of pre-compressed foam called Compression Molded E.V.A. It is a very lightweight material that has excellent resilience (or the ability to absorb shock and return it to its original shape before the impact). Constant pounding compromises the resilience of the foam and its ability to attenuate shock. Continue Reading Part 5: Are My Shoes Dead

One size shoe does not fit all. But how do you pick the perfect pair?

Michaela Khan is a PhD candidate at UBC studying all things running biomechanics with a special interest in footwear. In this webinar, Michaela will discuss the history of running shoes, break down the anatomy of a running shoe, and simplify how different features of running shoes affect the way we move. She’ll also explain how the shoes we wear may be related to different types of injuries and how to select the best shoe based on your unique needs!

Click the image below to register for this webinar on Tuesday September 26th from 6:30 to 8:00pm.

Don’t forget to join team SPORTMEDBC and sign up for the Big Elf Run on December 9th at 1pm in Stanley Park while you’re at it. Use the 15% discount LEARNTORUN15 when you register! (Code not valid on 1km) Join Team SportMedBC RunWalk below.


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