Week 2 Fall 2023 RunWalk Newsletter

Let’s Get Going

You made it through week 1 and hopefully completed all your homework runs! Even if you missed that completing those runs, I’m still proud of you! I know how hard it can be even just to start in the first place, so you signed up, attended your first week and for that lets be proud.

I made the mistake of skipping homework runs here and there my first and second year as a participant and I could definitely feel the difference. Make sure your check out the training plans at the bottom of this email. 

As for those training plans, I wanted to mention that you are free to move throughout the different programs. Let’s not think of it as going up or moving down, as each program has its importance, and one program is not better than the other. Your goals like your pace are individual to each person, be sure to talk to your Run Mentor if you’re not sure which program is best for you.

In this newsletter, we look at goals, habits and benefits to using a logbook to track your runs.

Happy running!
Janette Shearer
Online Communications Manager & InTraining Support

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Join Clinic Mentor and PH.D Candidate Michaela Khan in discussing all things injury and footwear in an upcoming webinar via Zoom.

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Watch Michaela’s previous Zoom from last season: The Truth About Running & Your Knees: Myths vs. Facts with Michaela Khan | SportMedBC Webinar

Looking for something fun to do next weekend? Join the Big Pirate Run on September 24th. Use code SMBC15 for 15% off at Big Pirate Run | Big Fun Run Series.

This themed run offers a 5km/10km/15km and 21.1km (half marathon) Big Pirate Run/Walk (8:30/9am) along The West Dyke and Middle Arm Trail’s, as well as a 1-3km Little Pirate Run/Walk (10:00am) around scenic Garry Point Park. Run with your ship mates, enjoy door prize giveaways, vendors and more.

The Big Pirate Run tours picturesque West Dyke and Middle Arm Trail’s. Starting at Garry point park, the course makes it way North, passing sights including Terra Nova Park, The Richmond Olympic Oval and you may even catch some planes landing at YVR! With minimal inclines and stable gravel trails, everyone is assured a beautiful and stress-free run/walk. The route is for all ages and abilities. Pet & Stroller Friendly!*

Don’t forget to sign up for the Big Elf Run on December 9th at 1pm in Stanley Park while you’re at it. Use the 15% discount LEARNTORUN15 when you register! (Code not valid on 1km) Join Team SportMedBC RunWalk below.


Learn more at www.bigelfrun.com

Goal Setting

Whether it’s career, education or fitness, people who are successful at anything in life set realistic and meaningful goals for themselves. Goal setting gives our lives greater focus and direction. By having a long-term goal we create a vision for the future. Before you begin any SportMed RunWalk training program, it’s important to identify your reasons for beginning a walk or run program.

Long-term Goals

Some people begin a walking or running program, for example, to become healthier and fitter, others to improve their appearance and still others start training to challenge themselves. Long-term goals like these often take months and even years to achieve which is shy you need to define specific end points that are meaningful for you. These indicators will tell you when you have accomplished what you set out to go. Continue Reading..

Whether you’re an athlete or not, using an athlete’s training journal can help you reach your goals. In his informative article in Impact Magazine, “Reasons to Keep a Training Journal,” renowned sports psychologist Dr. David Cox emphasizes the importance of this tool. For anyone active in Sport, by using a training journal, you can identify areas for improvement, track progress, set specific goals, monitor recovery, and the best part, stay accountable to your training program. Continue Reading..

In the SportMedBC web shop, we do have a small amount of these locally printed newly designed Athlete’s Training Journal and there will be a shop discount offered. If there is even an option for a group buy which we will discuss in the next newsletter.

Running Motivation: 11 Ways To Regain Your Running Mojo (marathonhandbook.com)

Your running motivation is a fickle thing.

Sometimes it’s burning bright, powering you through dark and cold early morning runs.

At other times, it’s nowhere to be seen – and it feels impossible to muster the enthusiasm to even put on your running shoes. Continue Reading

Join the official Terry Fox run on September 17th – Vancouver – Stanley Park Terry Fox Run | Terry Fox Run

Learn more about Terry Fox here: https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/terry-fox

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