Week 11 Fall 2023 RunWalk Newsletter

Mind & Body ConnectionGo run, it clears the mind!

This week we are going to be covering the Mind & Body Connection. The hardest part of a run is often putting on your shoes! It can be tough after a long day’s work or a not-so-good night’s sleep to put the shoes on and get outside where it might be cold and/or raining but trust me I can with certainty from experience, tell you that you’ll only regret the run you didn’t go for! 

So, what tools can we arm ourselves with to help improve our training and make it easier to get out the door? Keep reading for some of my personal favourites here at SportMedBC.

Happy Running!
Janette Shearer
Online Communications Manager + InTraining Support

Ps…It’s only cold if you’re not moving.

 I start all of my HARD runs, you know those hard ones where you know you’re not 100% in it, but you know you still have to get it done, with one of Eddie Pinero Motivational words. I simply put one of his podcasts on Spotify in my ears for my warmup. 5 minutes with Eddie and I’m ready to achieve my own version of greatness!

Need some motivation for your morning runs?? Watch THIS video.

Did you know….

“Athletes showed improvements in performance of training drills after extending their regular sleep hours and reducing accumulated sleep debt.”

Read more….


“Stretching & The Benefit for Runners” In-Person at SMBC Office in North Vancouver November 27th 6:30PM Brigitte Tsang – Myodetox REGISTER HERE

“Go Fix Yourself! Runner specific stretches and self-massage techniques for common injuries of the lower torso.” by Tilman von der Linde, RMT & SMBC Member. December 4th via Zoom from 7pm to 8pm. REGISTER HERE

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Visualization Words of Wisdom from Coach Lynn Kanuka

The benefit of positive thinking is medically well established. Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to harness the power of positive thinking to make dreams and goals become reality.

In my days as an Olympic track athlete I would take the time to close my eyes and visualize everything about an event, including the race itself from start to finish. I’d envision the starting line, runners on either side of me, the track stretching in front, hear the starting gun, and feel my rhythm as I got off to a quick start. I’d imagine settling into the pace, the physical bumping and jossling in a tight pack of runners, ready to move if the pace picked up or take the lead if the pace was too slow. I’d feel myself tired in the middle, focus on pumping my arms, lifting my knees, turning my legs over faster. I’d imagine my breath heavy, my lungs burning.

And then the most important visualization of all: I’d hear the sound of the bell to signal the last lap, and gather myself mentally for the finish. I’d feel my body hurting, but find the strength to dig deeper, turn the legs over faster, pass anyone in front of me. I would hold onto that thought until I could see myself crossing the finish line in victory at having done the best I could on that day.

I’ve been quoted as saying “If you can’t see yourself winning a race, you’re probably not going to win it.”

Sleep Optimization During Training

Sleep is important for everyone in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but comes into particular focus for athletes, not just at the elite level looking to optimize their performance, but also for recreational athletes wanting to get the most out of their training and avoid injury.  There is good evidence that lack of sleep impacts various biological systems that influence athletic training and performance.  Continue Reading…

When I began at my first RunWalk clinic after I was originally kicked out of my first Run Club, Pepe Duarte was my Clinic Mentor. We were in week 6 or 7 and he shared his Mantra with us, and not only does it help me during hard runs when I want to give up, but it has also helped form my approach to any new goal I set for myself. Those words were “Happy Pace Happy Place”

When I struggle, I run through a checklist in my head of all the physical things that I can control within myself; my posture, my breathing, the way my foot strikes the ground and the words I am saying to myself. “I can’t do this” turns into fuel to keep me going.

I work to find my happy pace, the rest will improve with time as often with running or walking, it’s simply about the time spent moving that will improve the endurance and speed.

Running Mantras and Why They Work

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Running is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. Your mind can and will impact your performance as a runner—so what you say to yourself during a run, and how you say it, matters. This is why some runners, especially long-distance runners, utilize the power of running mantras. 

Simply put, a running mantra is a word or phrase that you repeat in your mind while you run. Usually, that word or phrase is something you find encouraging and motivating, and it holds some deeper meaning for you. Running mantras might be the secret to training success. Here’s how to find yours.


You’ve seen it on TV, in the locker rooms on Sky Sports and on a world-stage at the Olympics. That crucial brief period before taking part in a big sporting event, where athletes get ‘in the zone’ offers a brief insight into a pre-performance routine. Keeping reading

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