Week 10 RunWalk Newsletter

Can you believe we’re in week 10 already?! We’re down to our final few weeks and that means you really shouldn’t be changing anything at this point. But in preparation for a 10K event, whether you’ve signed up for the Sun Run or maybe your RunWalk group is doing their own 10K, I want to take a moment to discuss nutrition from another angle, preparing for and day of nutrition is important too.

Many of us are guilty of under-fueling in general but it’s important to ensure adequate fueling day of. I can speak very much from personal experience that I am very guilty of this. Ensuring you’re taking care of yourself during activity can be equally as important for your recovery time.

“But Janette, there is so much out there, where do I start?” Trust me much of this is trial and error as each person is unique but there are some general guidelines that can make a difference once you’ve figured out what works best for you. let’s dive in.

Happy Running!
Janette Shearer
Online Communications Manager + Interim InTraining Coordinator

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Protein Bars – Before or After?

“My run is close to mealtime, should I have a protein bar before my run?”

We learned a lot about nutrition in week 6 and an important part of nutrition is not only knowing what to eat but also when to eat? If it were me and a protein bar was one of my options, I’d be ensuring that I consume it within 1-4 hours before, that said for myself personally, I would aim for 2 hours before at the latest.

“What about after?”

Generally speaking, protein bars are best consumed within 30-60 minutes post workout. But to clarify, that’s protein in general, it doesn’t have to be a protein bar. People will opt for a protein bar for the convenience factor but if you’re able to consume your protein another way, by all means do what works best for you.

Say you’ve run the Sun Run and now you have to get home but that’s going to take an hour, this might be a good time to ensure that you have a protein bar on hand.

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Fueling During exercise? Gels? Blocks? Should I? Do I actually need them?

There are so many different brands and options out there and what you might like, may not be a fit for others so the best thing to do is try. They can be pricey so I would definitely spend some time casually getting familiar with your own individual needs based on the distances you’re running. Most likely if you’re doing the kind of runs that you do with your group, you don’t need to worry so much about fueling during your training runs.

However, if you have race goals, this might be where you consider a gel or energy block to help you tackle those goals. One of the biggest things to consider is ensuring that you’re getting enough carbs to keep yourself going. Sometimes candy works just as well and often times, much cheaper! Do your research but there are plenty of candies with a higher carb percentage which taste much better then gels.

Sour Patch kids have 36g of Carbs per 16 pieces.. just saying!

Want to learn more about Gels? How they work and When to take them?

Yes, this video is about running a marathon but the explanation of how the body uses fuel during runs in the first few minutes is perfect!


This Sunday March 24th 6PM via Zoom Discover the secrets of managing common injuries as Marc Rizzardo, Physiotherapist and Board Member of SportMedBC dives into details and shares insights on effective treatment strategies of most common injuries. RSVP LINK

March 26 7PM via Zoom Join Michaela Khan, a dedicated PhD candidate at UBC on an exciting journey as she explains her current research, unraveling the secrets behind the “best” running technique. Michaela’s passion for understanding the science of running extends beyond the classroom, as she serves as a RunWalk Mentor at Le Physique clinic, providing practical guidance and support to those navigating their fitness journey. RSVP LINK

Electrolytes: Definition, Functions, Imbalance and Sources

Electrolytes are crucial for body processes like conducting nerve impulses, contracting muscles, hydrating, and regulating pH levels. You need adequate electrolytes from your diet to keep your body healthy. This article examines electrolytes, their functions, the risk of imbalance, and possible sources. Continue reading..

 Listening to your body to prevent Overuse Injuries

“Not listening to their bodies” is the biggest mistake recreational runners make when they start a
running program says Dr Jim Bovard, a North Vancouver sports medicine physician. Novice
runners are often very goal-oriented and enthusiastic and may persist with a program at the
expense of developing overuse injuries, he cautions. Bovard, who sees athletes in his practice
ranging from novices to Ironmen says he finds recreational runners “a unique group who seem
to have more of an emotional attachment to their running programs than more experienced
athletes”. Continue Reading…

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