Week 10 Fall 2023 RunWalk Newsletter

Can you believe we’re in week 10 already?! This week we’re discussing the science of exercise as after all sometimes the best medicine is exercise.  As a clinic mentor myself I am often asked questions like “When should I see someone about that pain?” Olympic Marathoner Natasha Wodak’s advise to our 10KToHalf Marathon crew was when your pain hits a 4 out of 10, maybe time to slow down and get it checked out… but what does 4 out of 10 mean and/or look like?

Follow along as we discuss some important questions but please keep in mind that you really shouldn’t be making any big adjustments to your running technique this late in the game ie: week 10 of 13.

Happy Running!
Janette Shearer
Online Communications Manager + InTraining Support

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Miss the last webinar with Brent Day??

Learn how to use Heart Rate Variability, Heart Rate Zones, and Neuromuscular tests to track progress and monitor fatigue. In this video Brent Day will also discuss how foot position, strength, and tendon health can drive acceleration or cause deceleration. 

Last week, we also had Taylor Hardy from Myodetox stop in at the North Vancouver Clinic to talk about injury prevention in which he shared some incredible research about “the effectiveness of an 18-week general strength and foam- rolling intervention on running- related injuries in recreational runners.” If you’re interested in reading the research, I can send it your way, just let me know.

However, in conclusion:

“Runners who performed the strength and foam- rolling exercises on average twice a week for 18 weeks, had a significantly lower risk of running- related injuries and a higher injury survival time compared with the control group. The highly compliant intervention subgroup had a cumulative incidence proportion of 4.6% after the 18- week study period and took on average 55 days longer to sustain an in-jury, compared with the control group.”

See the attached for examples of the performed exercises.

Is Your Gym Routine Doing More Harm Than Good

Not all exercises are created equal. Unfortunately many of the traditional exercises that were
learned in high school, discovered at fitness class or seen in a book have the potential to cause
injury. While there tends to be controversy among professionals, biomechanical research has
definitely identified some specific do’s and don’ts. The following exercises are generally
considered to have the greatest potential for causing injury… Continue Reading…

 Listening to your body to prevent Overuse Injuries

“Not listening to their bodies” is the biggest mistake recreational runners make when they start a
running program says Dr Jim Bovard, a North Vancouver sports medicine physician. Novice
runners are often very goal-oriented and enthusiastic and may persist with a program at the
expense of developing overuse injuries, he cautions. Bovard, who sees athletes in his practice
ranging from novices to Ironmen says he finds recreational runners “a unique group who seem
to have more of an emotional attachment to their running programs than more experienced
athletes”. Continue Reading…

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