Walk This Way 2018 – Week 7

“The road to success is always under construction. You’ll encounter potholes, detours, and delays. But you must keep your eye on your goal and keep moving forward.” – Ed Temple, Three-time Olympian Coach Track & Field

Wow – Week 7 already? How are you feeling this week? What about your new level of fitness?!  Is it getting easier to make time and finish your walks? Try to stay with it despite the cold/snowy/rainy weather. Post-holiday time is upon us, and we are all doing our best to get back into our regular routines! It might take a little extra effort and determination to get out there this week, so here are a few motivational tips from your RunWalk Coach, Lynn Kanuka:

Rent an Inspiring Movie
When you’re cozy by the fire with your family and friends, rent an inspiring feel-good movie: Some of my favorites are "Forrest Gump" and the old "Chariots of Fire". Another one of my favorites is “Pre”.  It’s the true story of an exceptionally gritty American runner, Steve Prefontaine, a running legend in Oregon, who died before his time. It provides some great race footage and it will definitely inspire you to get out the door for your training.

Vary Your Routes
Continue to stay motivated by varying your routes. You are now more ready than ever before to explore some new places, forests, trails and parks to go for your walks.  Plus you are now ready to include walking up and down hills (in case you have been avoiding them!).  Just quicken your arm cadence and shorten your stride on the way up. Allow yourself to relax and lengthen your stride on the way down. Your breath will quicken with the effort, but just breathe in the fresh air as naturally as possible, and take a break if you need to.  Layer up on the clothing – it’s cold, snowy, and wet throughout BC. You’ll be surprised, however, how you warm up when you are moving.

The Power of Positive Thinking
I had the pleasure of experiencing a powerful mental exercise at one of our Sun Run InTraining Clinics last year. It stuck with me, and I’d like to share it with you. Have you ever noticed how often we are capable of letting negative images into our mind? This creates confusion between our mind and our body.  

If we listen to that little voice inside of us, we can literally talk ourselves out of doing something that is important. An affirmation can help us change patterns of negativity that can create road blocks to our success.   

Repeat the following:

“I DON’T DESERVE TO BE thinking I can complete this program"

Are you feeling a bit shocked?  I bet you didn’t want to even read those words…?  Now in contrast, repeat the following affirmation – this time Loud and Proud:

 “I CHOOSE TO make physical fitness and health a priority in my life!”
“I WILL BE STAYING WITH my new walking program!”

Be proud of all you have accomplished so far, and stick with it! We are almost there!!


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