Walk This Way 2018 – Week 2

Doesn’t it feel great to have the first week under your belt? Now the key to keeping it going is to choose a time to walk that is convenient, and make this time your priority – no matter what! Keep a log of your progress. Record pertinent training details in your calendar or a notebook. You’ll feel proud of your accomplishments, become more accountable, and begin to understand your body as your fitness develops.

Keeping a log of your progress will help you stick to the program.You can use a special logbook, your work day planner, or keep some simple notes on your kitchen calendar. Write about your walk – the length of time you were out, how you felt, what the weather was like, where you walked, etc… Looking back, you will feel proud of your accomplishments, make yourself more accountable, and you’ll begin to begin to understand your body as you adjust to your new level of physical activity. Here are a couple of examples:

Monday Dec. 4th – 6:00pm: 15 minutes today! Felt GREAT to be outside on my own. Husband had the kids, and I felt strong and energized. Looking forward to tomorrow's walk!

Tuesday Dec. 5th – 6:30am: 10 minutes of walking! Felt good to be out, but feeling a bit tired as I got to bed too late. My pace was a bit slower than I would have liked, but still proud of myself for making it out the door! Walking at lunch might feel better for me.

Make your Walking Time a Priority. It’s important to prioritize your time for walking, just as you do for your family and work commitments.  It may be an effort in the beginning to organize your daily life to make it happen for yourself, but the benefits will be worth it. 

Ask for Help. You’ll find family and friends will gladly help you with things like childcare and meal preparation.

Keep Things Simple. Get your walking time in by doing an errand like walking to the bank or grocery store. Try parking your car further from your workplace and walk the suggested time. Or, walk your children to school, and carry on for the suggested walking time.

Remind yourself why walking is great!
1. It is fun and enjoyable.
2. It is excellent for heart health.
3. It builds healthy bones.
4. It improves mood and reduces stress.
5. It increases flexibility.
6. It is an effective way to control weight.
7. It is a good form of transportation.
8. It is good for the environment.
9. You can do it anywhere anytime.
10. All you need is a good pair of shoes.

Week 2…..Let's Go!


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