Virtual FondoClinics Week 4 Newsletter

Enhancing Fitness

Can you believe we’re already 4 weeks in? That means you’re 1/3 done your Fondo Clinic and probably much stronger, or at least possibly more experienced than you were 4 weeks ago. So, this week we’re talking about leveling up a little bit and talking about enhancing your fitness.

This week is to allow your body to internalize and process all the stress we put it through over the last few weeks – revive and recover yourself. There’s still riding to be done, but the length and intensity of the rides are reduced. These will feel like easy rides now, whereas four weeks ago they were the target goals.
Recovery is paramount in order to move to the next 3 weeks of training build – catch up on sleep, read a book, and take it easy. You want to be able to go into the next block feeling refreshed and ready to work even harder. Distances and efforts will increase, and we want to be prepared!

And don’t forget the week 4 zoom check in with Coach Andrew. As always, these are recorded, and the video will be uploaded the following evening.

Happy Riding
Online Communications Manager & InTraining Support
Janette Shearer

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UPCOMING EVENT – Cypress Hill Climb

Mark your calendars for our Cypress Hill Climb at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver.

SportMedBC Cypress Hill Climb is a great opportunity for riders to use all the skills they have learned thus far. This event is unlike other skill sessions and many of the riders will have an opportunity to ride and meet riders in the different Fondo Clinics and get a taste of what it’ll feel like at the GranFondo itself.

Date: Thursday, August 8th, 2024
Time: 6PM-8:30PM

Location: Mulgrave School – 2330 Cypress Bowl Ln, West Vancouver, BC V7S 3H9

Cycling Focus: Braking

Simplest form to practice braking is to set a box within which the rider must stop and return to ready position. Riders will then progress by coming into the box at speed, shortening the distance, stopping without foot dab. Outcome is for a controlled and quick stop.

  • Brake gradually, giving yourself time and distance to come to a stop. More time and braking distance may be needed in wet conditions.
  • Shift your weight back on the saddle and bend your elbows to lower your body and your centre of gravity to gain more stopping power and stability.
  • Front brakes provide most of the stopping power due to a bike’s forward momentum.
  • Back brakes help you avoid going over the handlebars.
  • Brake before initiating a turn rather than after; braking mid-turn tends to alter your turning radius.
  • Prepare for more sudden stops by keeping two fingers on each brake lever
    KEY FACTORS include attention, hand placement, balance and body position, weight over correct wheels. For sudden/emergency braking transfer your weight from mid to rear of bicycle/saddle while grabbing both of the brakes hard and evenly

Stretches: can be done with cycling shoes on by Couve Health

  1. Downward dog- hold for 1 min, paddle feet for 30 seconds
  2. Cat Cows- 30 seconds, add forearm extensor and flexor stretch by bringing hands to face legs palms down (forearm flexors) and then palms up (forearm extensors). rocking back and forth to increase stretch- 30 seconds
  3. 90/90 switches- lean legs to right and left side making sure hips and knees are at 90 degrees. lean body forward and hold till a comfortable stretch is felt, lean back and away for a break. switch sides and repeat. Rotate legs left to right (5 reps) before coming out of 90/90 stretch.
  4. Lunging hip flexor stretch- in a lunge position (with knee down) lean forward keeping hips tilted forward (like a dog tucking tail under their bottom). Hold 1 min each side. To progress grab the ankle of the knee that’s on the ground to increase quadricep stretch. Lean hips back to heel to add hamstring stretch, hold 30 seconds to 1 minute. 


  1. Ankle hops- 30 seconds hopping, 15 seconds break, 30 seconds hopping for 3 rounds. If cycling shoes are on instead of hopping, lift heels up and down slowly for 1 min, rest 15 seconds and repeat. 
  2. Forward alternating lunges- 10 per side. If cycling shoes are on do not alternate, do one side at a time. Ex. If the right leg is forward, move up and down for 10 reps, then do the same for the left side.
  3. Alternating world’s greatest stretch- in a lunge position (knee can be down if more comfortable) twist torso up towards the sky with head following (if right knee is forward, left arm is down supporting, and right chest and arm are twisting up to the right side). If cycling shoes are on do not alternate, finish 10 reps on the right side before moving to the left side. 
  4. High knees- this is performed at a fast paced but if cycling shoes are on slow the movement down by bringing knees to chest (one leg at a time) and hold on to something for support with balancing. 
  5. Jumping Squats- start in a deep squat and then jump up focusing on squeezing glutes and hamstrings, then squat back down. (10-15 reps). if cycling shoes are on do not jump. Stand in one spot and perform 10-15 reps. If this is still not comfortable, lay on your back and try glute bridges. Progress to single leg glute bridges if you want the challenge, 10-15 reps. 

The bridge exercise strengthens your glutes (butt) and hamstrings (back of the thigh) while enhancing core stability. It’s easy to add into a strength training workout, can be used as a warm-up, and is even a good rehab exercise for improving core and spinal stabilization.

Pilates exercises examples: (A) back hyperextension, (B) back hyperextension from T prone position, (C) back hyperextension from Y prone position, (D) arm and leg rise in prone position, (E) quadruped arm/leg rise, (F) back hyperextension with hands forward, (G) flex the shoulder/raise the leg in supination, (H) scapula pushups in standing position, (I) body bridge, (J) body bridge with ball, (K) cat and camel exercise, (L) Mohammedan prayer, (M) Stretch side, (N) lower back muscle stretch, (O) runner’s stretch, (P) Abdominal crunch, (Q) double-leg abdominal press, (R) cross arm/hip flex -abdominal strength, (S) finding your pelvic floor, (T) swimming level.

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