Virtual FondoClinics Week 12 Newsletter

What’s next?

Can you believe we’re coming upon the week 12? The final week? I hope that you’ve enjoyed the last 12 weeks and found some content that has helped with your training. I’ve been cheering you on every single week and as you’re approaching the RBC GranFondo or however you choose to conclude your 12 weeks, I hope you know I’m still cheering you on! It’s been an honour grace your inbox every week.

Congratulations…You did it!!!

No high intensity this week so you can recover, get rest, and feel strong for your event. From everyone here at SportMedBC, we’re so proud of you!

Don’t forget to attend your weekly Check in with Coach Andrew on Monday at 7:30pm PST, please note I will add the recording to this page however it won’t be until Wednesday September 6th late afternoon, as I’m away until the 6th.

So let’s talk about what’s next…

Happy Riding
Online Communications Manager & InTraining Support
Janette Shearer


Don’t forget the upcoming PrimaFondo on September 4th

Group rides start at 9AM; post ride beers are from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.
Time: 9AM-2PM
Loca􀆟on: RED TRUCK BREWING- 295 E 1st Ave,
Vancouver, BC V5T 1A7

Tapering for a big event: here’s how to ace your lead-up to a important ride or race by Cycling Weekly

The art of tapering is underestimated, especially when you’re targeting a long ride or an event such as a sportive this summer. Essentially, it involves spending a period of time before your event that allows you to maintain your fitness but lose fatigue. As Colin Batchelor of Total Cycle Coach ( explains: “The goal of any taper can be described with a simple equation: freshness, plus fitness, equals fun. Continue Reading…

Planning what’s next..

I recall the first few years that I’d finish a road running race and then hang up my shoes until the next RunWalk clinic started, I’d feel an intense depression. After I completed my first half marathon, I asked my mentor, how do I maintain that distance? He wrote me back and in one singular line he changed the trajectory of my running forever.

“You have to stop treating this like it’s an event, this needs to be your lifestyle”

I did another Half Marathon a few months later and then trained for my first marathon the year following. So, for those of you asking that same question, my personal best advice is don’t stop.. keep riding whether indoors or outdoors, keep moving forward.

I’m also going to leave this here as maybe some of you cyclists are runners but as we know cycling and running are great ways to cross train. With 11 clinic locations and a virtual program, we’ve got something for everyone! Clinics start September 9th but are open for registration until September 21st. Register today!

What now? Overcoming post-event blues by Rouleur

Elation. The feeling you have when you achieve a goal you’ve been working so hard towards. You’re on a high, but the weeks that follow come as a surprise. Low mood, boredom, a sense of being lost often creeps in, and you’re left questioning whether this is normal. Everyone tells you about the months it takes to prepare, the countless hours of planning, the endless amounts of discussions about it, and what to expect from the day itself, but no one tells you about what happens after. Continue Reading...

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