Proper Clothing For Your Run

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to wear on a run but here is a general guide to hopefully make it a little bit easier for you. 

1.    Layers

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  • Dress for your temperature in the middle of your run – this means layer your clothing, but don’t pile on too many clothes or else you’ll have some troubles trying to take them off while running.
  • A good example of this is the Sugoi Versa Jacket (right image) – it has magnetic removable sleeves that turn this from a weather-resistant jacket to a vest! It also has a back pocket for convenient storage of the sleeves because nobody wants to hold their layers for 90% of their run!   



2.    Materials

  • Be aware of the material your clothing is made of – you’ll likely want something that wicks moisture away from your body and keeps you cool and dry… Nike DriFit material is a classic example of moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Stay away from cotton – it holds moisture and can result in chafing.


3.    Dress for the time of day

Running in dark and gloomy weather? 

  •  Consider clothing that has reflective elements (we’ll go over other reflective products at a later date to enhance or compliment your clothing) when running at night, but make sure you’re visible in the daytime as well with brightly coloured clothing.
  • Try to stay away from dark clothing as you will blend in with your surroundings and vehicles/cyclists/other people won’t be able to see you.

Running on a sunny day?

  • While the majority of us love seeing the sunshine, it’s important to keep yourself protected from the harmful rays. Consider clothing that has sun protection built in!


Meet The SunRunStores

The SunRunStores are comprised of four of the preeminent athletic retailers in Metro Vancouver: The Right Shoe, Rackets & Runners, Peninsula Runners, and Fit First Footwear. We are bonded together by a commitment to our customers, support of our community, and the desire to get people involved in healthy and active lifestyles by equipping them with the right gear to achieve their goals.  



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