Lynda Cannell

Lynda Cannell is the President and CEO of SportMedBC. But her habit of being where the action is continues with a supporting role at Vancouver 2010.

The long-time executive leader of the SportMedBC management team has volunteered to support the efforts of Dr. Jack Taunton, Rick Celebrini and others at the Vancouver Olympic Village where the main sport medicine platform has been set up for visiting athletes from around the world.

“My responsibilities at SportMedBC precluded a more involved engagement with VANOC but I am so pleased to have the opportunity to lend a hand as a volunteer at the Polyclinic at the Olympic Village,” said Cannell, who has served SportMedBC and the promotion and development of the sport medicine, science and training sectors for more than 26 years.

“We have so much going on in general with a variety of SportMedBC programs, especially at this time of year with the Sun Run InTraining runwalk clinic series, it was daunting to consider any additional commitments during Vancouver 2010,” explained Cannell. “But it is such a pivotal moment for sport in general in this province and for sport medicine in particular, it was impossible not to follow through with the volunteer role.”

Cannell is inspired by the comprehensive work and leadership turned in and demonstrated by Dr. Taunton and his VANOC sport medical team.

“I’m very proud that we’re showcasing the talent, the resources and the approaches attributed to the leadership we have right here in British Columbia,” said Cannell. “And it’s quite the showcase to the rest of the world. I’m not sure a single stone has been left unturned.”

We all know the opportunity to meet the world’s best winter sports athletes and coaches is a tremendous opportunity for all of those involved with the Games mission. On the other hand, asked what was the most difficult part of the early days of the Vancouver 2010 experience, Cannell was quick to answer.

“It’s handling my 100 plus emails a day at the office the morning after an overnight volunteer shift at the Village,” smiled Cannell. “I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to all-nighters…the good news is I only have to do that kind of schedule three times during the Games.”


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