How To Use Pace Charts for Race Day


Would you like to estimate how long it will take you to complete your event?

Using the pace chart below it is easy to establish how long it will take to complete a half-marathon. As you progress through your training program and become more confident and comfortable with the run/walk combinations it can be motivating to monitor your run/walk pace. The pace chart is simple to use:  Record the completion time of a long run and use your long run completion time to estimate your pace per mile or km.  If you want to estimate your approximate event finishing time, use the Event Day Pace Chart below by finding your pace per mile or km on your training runs and extrapolate the finishing time for a half-marathon.  Keep in mind that you’ve been improving and doing more running every week, so your pace will change over the months of training.  Also, it’s a good idea for beginning distance runners to add 5-10 minutes to their estimated half-marathon finishing time.

Is it important to know your pace?

The specific pace, whether it’s 10-minute miles or 12-minute miles is not important, but it is useful information for several reasons. If you know your running pace it will help you to stay relaxed and avoid the common mistake of starting your race too fast, which can often result in problems later in your event.  Also, establishing your long run pace enables you to estimate the finishing time of your long 2 and even 3-hour runs so that you are better able to organize the other areas of your life.  

Why else might I like to know my pace?

Establishing an approximate finishing time for your event will give your support people an idea of where you will be at different points on the course.  Also, this information will allow you to plan your transportation and post-race festivities.  

Lynn Kanuka is SportMedBC’s RunWalk Coach. Lynn is perhaps best known for her 3,000 metre bronze medal win at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Lynn’s passion for over 20 years has been to inspire people of all ages and ability levels through physical fitness; to take steps toward better health, achieve personal goals, and be active and happy.


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