Dealing with Injury

Injuries whether minor or major, will happen.  How they are dealt with an initially treated will directly relate to how soon the athlete can return to activity.

1. Stop what you are doing  Adhering to this first principle can potentially prevent a chronic or overuse problem from developing.  Injuries that are incorrectly looked after are often complicated when the individual continues to "work through the pain".

2. Ice  Apply the ice to the affected area for 15-20 minuutes per hour as often as possible in the first 24-48 hours.

3. Compression  Applying compression to the injured area can assist with healing.  Compression reduces the amount of inflammation (swelling) that can appear in an injured area.  Decreasing the amount of inflammation will decrease the amount of time needed to heal. 

4. Elevation  If the injured area is an ankle or knee, elevate it.  This will assist with the removal of any swelling that might accumulate.

5. Seek medical help  Follow up with a physician to properly evaluate and diagnose the injury.  A referral to a sport specialist may be necessary.

6. Asses your mental readiness to return  Many injuries that happen can cause you to feel inadequate or unsure about returning to competition for fear of re-injury.  Starting back slowly and with simple tasks, will build the necessary confidence to return you back to full sport participation.

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