Creating and Utilizing a Facilities Checklist


Creating and Utilizing a Facilities Checklist:

An easy way to prevent injuries in sport is to ensure that the athletic facilities are always safe for use.  Creating a facilities checklist is an effective way to implement a safety protocol that all coaches can follow before beginning practices or games with their team.  This checklist can be created in conjunction with the local facility/field manager and the athletic club.  Utilization of this checklist can be easily carried out by coaches, designated parents, or club personnel.    Using a written checklist allows the person checking the site to know exactly what to look for and also provides a record of what needs to be fixed for the person in charge of maintenance.  

A PDF version of a sample facilities checklist is available under the PDF section of the SportSmart Resources webpage.  It is important that this checklist be adapted to the specific facility.  

Basic facility checking protocol should include 

Checking the playing surface for any unsafe pot holes, sprinkler heads, inadequate padding etc
Doing a “sweep” of the playing surface for any trash, needles, glass or other debris
Equipment such as corner flags, netting, goal posts and uprights should have no sharp edges or malfunctions that could injure an athlete
Visibility and lighting is appropriate
Rules and regulations of the facility should be clearly displayed and followed
Lockers and showers should be hygienic 

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