Creating a Healthy Workstation

If you use a laptop computer on a regular basis, the Humanscale L2 Notebook Manager is the ticket to preventing neck and shoulder strain. Humanscale is recognized as the leading manufacturer of ergonomic products for the office. They have a diverse product range – from chairs and keyboard holders to task lighting – that helps ensure that those of us who spend long hours in front of a computer, do so in maximum comfort with minimal long-term health risks. The laptop holder allows the user to adjust the display to the right height, offers a built-in document holder, and requires the use of a full-size keyboard and mouse – which ensures that you’ll have desktop comfort along with laptop portability.


The unit will fit any laptop with a base thickness of 2.5” and will also accommodate many types of docking stations. The L2 can be locked to the desk and/or notebook and has a swivel base that allows for maximal flexibility. In addition to purchasing the unit, I had my desk set-up ergonomically assessed and adjusted by a Registered Kinesiologist who specializes in posture and workplace ergonomics. In a short period of time, my neck, back and shoulder strain has been significantly reduced. The L2 Notebook Manager is a highly rated and strongly recommended product that comes with a lifetime warranty. For more information – BC Sales Independent Representative – MIM Sales, (604) 681-6788,

Price – $140.00



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