Choosing a Route for your Run


When going out for a run it is important to prepare by deciding on your clothing, footwear, and accessories, but it’s equally important to pick a good route. Here we outline some tips to help make sure your route is allowing you to make the most out of your run.

1. Pick somewhere interesting!

  • One of the most important factors when deciding where to run is picking somewhere that interests you. A park or street with good scenery can keep you motivated, and can improve your satisfaction with your run. 


2. Pick somewhere safe!

  • Safety is key when it comes to route planning, and will depend heavily on the time of day you are planning to run. If you are running at night, make sure that your route is well lit. In the daytime, sun safety and heat regulation are important so ensure that on sunny days you have enough shade.
  • Regardless of the timing of your run, make sure that your route planning avoids major roads and that you plan to use crosswalks or intersections even when crossing side streets. 


3. Pick somewhere challenging, but be aware of your limits!

  • On routes with hills be sure not to underestimate their elevation gain, and pace yourself accordingly. Going too quickly will cause you to burn out and you won’t get the most out of your run.


Meet The SunRunStores

The SunRunStores are comprised of four of the preeminent athletic retailers in Metro Vancouver: The Right ShoeRackets & RunnersPeninsula Runners, and Fit First Footwear. We are bonded together by a commitment to our customers, support of our community, and the desire to get people involved in healthy and active lifestyles by equipping them with the right gear to achieve their goals.  



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