Chafing Injuries

Chafing often occurs on the inner thigh, groin area, armpits, nipples as a result of sweating, friction from body parts rubbing together, or friction from clothing.


Area is usually red, raw and bleeding.


Treat the area like an open wound. Wash and clean the area to prevent infection and cover with a sterile non-stick pad that will allow the area to breath until it is healed.


Chaffing injuries can be prevented by:

Staying Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water before, during and after events will help prevent dehydration and also allow you to perspire freely. When you stop perspiring, your sweat forms salt crystals on your body, which increases friction.

Wearing appropriate clothing

Wear snug fitting clothing. Ensure that the clothing is neither too tight nor too loose, that the seams are flat, and that there are not many of them. Choose fabrics that are breathable such as Cool Max and have wicking properties in the fabric and stay away from cotton fabrics. Do not wear untested or new clothing on a long run and never wear unwashed new clothing. You may need to bring with you a change of clothing if problem persists to change into.

Staying Dry

The use of talcum powder or cornstarch will help areas to stay dry.

Using Lubricants
Applying a generous amount of lubricant in problem areas at the beginning of the run will go far in assisting with friction and rubbing. A petroleum jelly is inexpensive and readily available and other commercially produced products can be found in at your local running stores.

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