Catch the Olympic Spirit

Every athlete grows up hearing about the Olympic Games. This international festival of sport comes along every 4 years for both the winter and summer sports. Often your biggest dream as an athlete is to one day be a part of this competition and represent your country. Many of you will dream about being a professional athlete or competing for Canada at the international level. However, the ultimate goal is representing Canada at the Olympic Games.

The four goals of the Olympic Games were written by the International Olympic Committee (1896) and state ("Newsletter ):

  1. To promote the development of those physical and moral qualities which are the basis of sport.
  2. To educate young people through sport in a spirit of better understanding between each other and of friendship, thereby helping to build a better and more peaceful world.
  3. To spread the Olympic principles throughout the world, thereby creating international goodwill.
  4. To bring together the athletes of the world in a great four-yearly sports festival, the Olympic Games.

The Games are not just about the thrill to succeed but rather the spirit and feeling of pride that all your hard work and sacrifice has paid off. The heart of competition is called the Olympic Spirit. “Building a peaceful and better world in the Olympic Spirit which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity, and fair play” ("OLYMPIC SPIRIT – THE POWER OF A DREAM."). Through this character you can develop a pride for your nation and respect for people from other nations. The games are an event to show off our Canadian youth to the world ("Newsletter ). It is the best arena for you to show the world through sport that you are proud to be Canadian.

Follow your dreams and the Olympic Spirit will always be inside you; it does not only come along every four years. Olympism is a philosophy of life combining a balanced whole of the qualities of body, will and mind. Being a Champion in Life helps develop behaviors related to values of the Olympic Movement ("OLYMPIC SPIRIT – THE POWER OF A DREAM."). Dream big and create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of good example and respect for others. Your nation will be proud and you will be proud of your Olympic Spirit.

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"Newsletter |" b. 6/12/2008 <>.

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