An inside view of the wax cabins in Whistler

In Whistler’s Olympic Park is where races can’t be won but can be lost for the Cross Country Olympians – and it all has to do with the wax and the technicians entrusted with picking the right one.

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An article in the Seattle Times takes us inside the US team’s wax cabin run by Clarke Sullivan  in Whistler to find out more about what goes into selecting the waxes for the nordic combined racing starting tomorrow:

At Whistler Olympic Park, changing weather and snow conditions make it among the toughest race venues for wax techs.

Step into the cabin, one of dozens from each nation lined up in rows between the ski jumps and cross-country ski venue, and you’re struck by the thick smell of wax and the 60 pairs of Atomic-brand skis propped along just about every inch of wall.

The trailer’s main features are two long waxing benches bordered by tools.  Sullivan’s job is to match skis to the conditions, preparing the ski’s bottom surface so it binds best with wax and snow surface, and picking the right wax.

Read the full article here.

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