Adult Fitness Tax Credit

Canadian organizations are rallying provincial governments to follow through on the Adult Fitness Tax Credit that has been suggested for some time now. Albertans were disappointed that the item was not included in the recent budget release in April, and BC is still pondering the suggestion.

Well recognized and respected organizations are pledging their support for this initiative – Heart and Stroke Foundation, Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC), ParticipACTION, Canadian Diabetes Association, and others. On the Adult Fitness Tax Credit Website, members of the public are encouraged to send an electronic postcard to Prime Minister Steven Harper and their local MP.

The Healthy Living Tax Credit was first introduced in 2005 for children’s activities and has now been extended to all Nova Scotians, who can claim up to $500 worth of registration fees for any organized sport or activity including ski passes, dance classes, swimming lessons and gym memberships.

According to a study commissioned by the FIC, introducing a federal adult tax credit would encourage one million more Canadians to become active and over the next 21 years, would amount to $2.5 billion in health care savings.

Brian Gilbank, association manager of the FIC, said that “good progress” was made with the government on the lobbying front in 2008 but the downturn in the economy and political events in recent months may be responsible for slowing the momentum.

“I think it’s a little bit stalled right now,” Gilbank said of the FIC’s campaign.

With more public support and exposure, perhaps we can kick-start the engine again!!

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