Aboriginal RunWalk Program Kicks Off in Communities Across BC

January 2018 saw the successful launch of the Aboriginal RunWalk program. Over 120 First Nation and Métis community leaders and their participants started walking and running towards a more active and healthier lifestyle.
Six communities were selected to undergo HealthBeat, with the SportMedBC team travelling all over the province, including as far as Iskut (pictured), to conduct baseline health screenings for over 200 Aboriginal RunWalk participants. Approximately 10 participants were referred to follow up with a local health practitioner due to undiagnosed high blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar readings.
In an effort to increase the capacity and reach of Healthbeat, this year saw the creation of a rental equipment and training program. Three communities were selected and underwent training to deliver the HealthBeat screening independently, screening an additional 120 participants.
In three months’ time, after the conclusion of the Aboriginal RunWalk program, participants will undergo a follow up screening to compare their results from before the start of the program. The goal is for participants to become aware of the difference that regular physical activity has made on their health and commit to a living a healthier lifestyle after the program has finished.
Learn more about our Aboriginal RunWalk Program and HealthBeat.

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