A Dietitian’s Tips to Lose Weight… and Keep It Off!

Melissa Kazan is a Registered Dietitian and Sport Nutritionist specializing in nutrition for health, well-being and sports performance. Melissa understands today's challenges to eating well, and works with her clients to set realistic health & sport performance goals. For more information on Melissa, and her services, click here.

Stay Away from Fad Diets & Weight-Loss Pills

Weight loss is hard work, and unfortunately there is no pill or diet that will magically melt fat in your sleep. Beware of diets that are too restrictive such as “low-carb”, “ketogenic” or “fasting” diets. Not only can these cause nutrient deficiencies, but they can lead to rapid weight lost, mostly from water and muscle weight, which means you’ll also be putting it back on very quickly.

Don’t Skip Meals

When was the last time you ate? The right answer should be within the last 4 hours! Staying long hours without eating will set you up for failure as it will lead to large drops in blood sugar and overeating later in the day. Instead, find a schedule that works for you and try to eat 4-5 times per day including meals and snacks.

Ditch the “Cheat Meal” Mentality

Cheat meals imply that you’re doing something bad, and can harm your relationship with food. The strict diet that precedes a cheat meal can easily lead to a binge, leaving you feeling guilty afterwards. Instead, try to enjoy foods you love in moderation.

But what is moderation? It’s having a piece of cake at a birthday party or eating french fries if you crave it. The key is to be mindful of your hunger and fullness levels, you want to finish eating feeling just right, not hungry but not stuffed either.

Plan your Meals Ahead of Time

When you equip your fridge & pantry with the right food, it becomes so much easier to make healthy meals and snacks, and eat them too! Stay tuned for next week’s article where I will be giving tips on how to successfully meal plan for a busy week.


By: Melissa Kazan MSc, RD
Dip. Sport Nutrition IOC, ISAK L1
Registered Dietitian & Sport Nutritionist


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