2400 First Nations participants train for the Sun Run.

Over 2400 First Nations people have been participating in the Honour Your Health Sun Run InTraining program, managed by SportMedBC. Over 1800 of these are registered for the 2009 Vancouver Sun Run, in the biggest Sun Run Corporate Team ever!

For the past 3 years, SportMedBC and the Honour Your Health Challenge program (HYHC) have been providing training programs, coaching advice and leader training to some of the most remote communities of BC to help with the goal of improving health in the Aboriginal population.

HYHC Program Coordinator, Denise Lecoy has played an outstanding role in encouraging, organizing and inspiring her community to participate in the 2009 Sun Run event – “we are committed to seeing this program through because the benefits are HUGE for participants, their families and our communities” she says.

Carol, the Hagwilget Sun Run Group Leader adds “the group has been phenomenal with their enthusiasm and their dedication with fundraising, walking and supporting one another. They are truly my inspiration and make it all worthwhile”.

Look out for the HYHC Sun Run InTraining participants on Sunday – they’ll be waving their red bandanas with pride!!

Read the Vancouver Sun article here

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